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Government hiding number of Children Missing

Now this story really pisses me off!

Number of missing children treated like state secret
Scripps Howard News Service
July 20, 2005

WASHINGTON - The Justice Department for years has violated an act of Congress by refusing to reveal how many lost, runaway and kidnapped children have been reported to the FBI, a policy that has turned America's missing youth into a state secret.

The FBI says such information is confidential.

Advocates for missing children complain that the government's refusal to report the number of cases has allowed many police departments to escape public notice when they violate the reporting standards set by Congress in its landmark National Child Search Assistance Act of 1990.

Advocates urge swift reporting because young kidnapping victims often are slain in the first hours of their abduction. But several major law-enforcement agencies, including the New York City Police Department, typically wait four or five days before reporting missing children to federal and state authorities, and delays of two weeks are common.

Many other police departments, as a matter of policy, do not report missing children if they are runaways.

The 1990 law ordered that all children - regardless of the reason they are missing - must be "entered immediately" into state and federal police computer networks. These databases have been credited for the recovery of hundreds of children in recent years.

Congress also ordered the Justice Department to "publish an annual statistical summary" of missing-children cases received at the FBI's National Crime Information Center to ensure that provisions of its law are followed. But the FBI considered these crime files to be the property of local law-enforcement agencies, and the Justice Department has never published the required accounting.

"Why didn't they issue these reports? I've been asking that question for nearly 15 years and never got an answer," said David Thelen, founder of the Committee for Missing Children, a Georgia-based advocacy group. "We can't have the Justice Department, the top law-enforcement agency in the nation, ignoring a law like this. They should be held accountable."

Thelen said that an annual federal accounting of missing-children reports would have forced many local police departments to do a better job. "That would have opened up a lot of scrutiny of the system," he said.

Members of Congress say they are alarmed by the failure.

"This is critical. We are finding far too many cases that are going unreported," said Rep. Mark Foley, R-Fla., co-chairman of the Congressional Caucus on Missing and Exploited Children.

"Obviously, this is something the Department of Justice needs to work on. Congress wanted the information in order to assemble a comprehensive database of missing children," Foley said.

Sen. Christopher Dodd, D-Conn., said he's "deeply concerned to hear the Justice Department is evidently not fulfilling its duty to gather this information."

Dodd, hoping to improve the reporting rate for missing-children cases, for three years has proposed a bill requiring local police to alert federal and state authorities "within two hours" of receiving a missing-child report. "We need to do everything within our power to protect our children," he said.

Justice Department officials refused to comment for this story.

Telephone calls and e-mails from Scripps Howard News Service to more than a dozen Justice Department policymakers or their spokesmen went unanswered during the last three months. Letters to President Bush and Attorney General Alberto Gonzales mailed in mid-May also have gone unanswered, although an FBI spokesman confirmed they were received.

But a recently retired top Justice Department official said she didn't know the law requires the report.

"I'm sorry I did not become aware there was a report that we weren't filing that we were supposed to be filing," said former Assistant Attorney General Deborah J. Daniels, whom Bush designated as America's first federal Amber Alert coordinator in 2002 to help locate missing children.

"I tried to identify all the reports we were supposed to be making, whether on a one-time basis or on a continual basis. You wouldn't believe how many there were. I don't recall finding any that we just simply had never filed," Daniels said.

She said the Justice Department is aware that some police departments are in violation of the 1990 law.

"There was an old, traditional belief that if any person was missing, police were supposed to wait 24 hours. And some state laws required 24 hours," Daniels said. "We are still in the process to convince (police) departments that, in these cases, they can't afford to wait 24 hours. Because a child is vulnerable, 24 hours could mean the difference between life and death."

Scripps Howard, to study the problem, in February asked the FBI for an accounting of how many missing-children reports it received from each state and from every county. The bureau refused, claiming the data was the property of local law-enforcement groups and not of the federal government.

"It is inappropriate for the FBI to divulge information to the media about state and local law-enforcement records that reside in a law-enforcement-only database," said FBI spokesman Paul Bresson.

Bresson later said he was unaware of the reporting requirements under the National Child Search Assistance Act. "I'm not sure what, if anything, the act specifically directs the FBI to do," he said.

The bureau prepares monthly summaries of missing-person cases, including the number of missing children. These records are confidentially maintained by the Justice Department, even though the 1990 law instructs the attorney general to publish annual summaries of missing-children reports.

"The FBI does provide an annual report on missing persons to the Department of Justice. You would have to speak with DOJ on whether or not the numbers are released publicly," Bresson said.

Further attempts to obtain missing-children data from Justice Department officials were unsuccessful.

Scripps Howard was able to make a limited study of child-reporting rates by some police departments by using 37,665 missing-children cases received by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children from Jan. 1, 2000, through Dec. 31, 2004. Most of these reports were given to the center by parents of the missing children. That study was based on a small sampling of missing-children cases. The FBI received nearly 4.2 million missing-person reports during the same five years, most of whom were children.

Because Congress gave the National Center the authority to review FBI files, its investigators could check whether cases they received had been properly reported to federal authorities. About 12 percent of all of those missing-children cases did not appear to have been reported to the FBI.

The New York City Police Department had one of the worst reporting rates in the study because detectives keep missing-children cases at the city's 85 precincts for days or weeks before passing them on to the central Missing Persons Unit, which alone has authority to report missing children to the FBI.

Many other police departments were found to have low reporting rates, often because police have a policy of not reporting runaways. The Honolulu Police Department, for example, reported only about 10 missing children last year even though it arrested more than 2,700 runaway children.

Daniels said that "most departments do an admirable job" in promptly reporting missing children, "but there's still some work to be done."

She agreed with the FBI's claim that specific details contained in case files recorded in the National Crime Information Center database belong to local police departments. But she said she does not know why previous Justice officials did not begin reporting summary information when directed by Congress 15 years ago.

"I have no idea what they thought in 1990," Daniels said. "I would have thought we would have been doing this on a regular basis."


White Collar Crime

Now this just pisses me off! Why don't they just call it "Rich People Crime". When people who are rich and run big corporations and break the law, it's called white collar crime. These guys seldom get convicted. When they do it's a country club prison complete with golf course, conjugal visits, and tennis.

Big corporations corrupt our government in so many ways it's pathetic.

1. the system has made it so it takes hundreds of millions of dollars to run for office. The only place they can get that money is from corporations. So the corporations control who gets elected.

2. They are allowed to "lobby" politicians. In other words, take them on trips, wine and dine them, give them gifts, buy up thousands of copies of books the politicians write that wouldn't sell otherwise so they can be on the best seller list, and a lot of other things they shouldn't be allowed to do.

3. They offer them jobs for later when they are no longer in office. Cheney best example. Sec. of Defense under Reagan. Gave Haliburton billions in "no-bid contracts". Became CEO of Haliburton when left office. Now is VP under Bush. Haliburton gets billions in "no-bid contracts. The ex heads of agencies that are supposed to protect us from corporations routinely get these types of jobs after serving in the best interest of the corporations instead of doing their jobs and protecting us from them. Places like the FCC, FTC, EPA, and even the SEC. They get appointed by a politician that got campaign funds from the industry they are supposed to be overseeing assuring that an industry friendly person will be appointed. Then they proceed to help that industry do whatever they want. Then they go to work for one of the companies they were to protect us from. Anyone see anything wrong with that picture?

So, since government participates with these corporations in the crimes they commit or change laws for them so what they are doing won't be a crime, how can we expect they will EVER be the ones to clean it up?

Until we have election reform to take away the need for hundreds of millions of dollars to get elected we can't seperate the big corporations from their pocket politicians. Until we take away the ability for politicians to gain financially from catering to the big corporations we cannot stop what is happening to our country. These corporations do not care about you and me. The politicians do not care about you or me.

Until we do something, you and me, they are going to continue to take our tax dollars, hand it over to the corporations, and let them keep buying more mansions while employing less and less of the very americans who gave them the tax dollars in the first place.

Man, they have it so good. The corporations have our government in their pocket, they have our tax dollars in their pocket, and they don't have to give anything back and pay a smaller % back in taxes than you or I. Then when they do cross the line, they get to keep their illegally-made money and spend a little time in a federal country club. If you or I steal money we get sent to a real prison!

If that doesn't piss you off nothing will ever wake you up!

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Michael Jackson

Now this really pisses me off. Not just michael. We know he's a pedophile. Cmon. Where there is that much smoke there IS fire.

Running a missing children's organization brings me close to children who have been sexually molested and their families. If you knew the devastation this causes you would be pissed off too!

1st I'm pissed off that because mj is a celebrity he thinks it's ok for him to do what he wants to children. He thinks he is somehow special. Get a clue mj, you are nothing but a child molestor.

2nd I'm pissed off because our justice system isn't good enough to handle high profile trials such as those with celebrities and corporate giants. They get special treatment and no one with any sence of decency can claim otherwise.

3rd I'm pissed off that people worship celebrities like mj SO MUCH that they will continue to support him no matter what he does. Same with Kobe Bryant and OJ and Martha Stewart too.

Even IF mj had been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, there are fans that would have just said "oh but this is michael jackson we're talking about. he didn't mean to hurt those children. he loves them." or "he didn't understand he was doing anything wrong. he's been so sheltered."

These same fans wouldn't have wanted him to be punished. That's just sick and wrong!

4th I'm pissed off at the parents who let their children stay with him knowing even that he MIGHT BE A PEDOPHILE! Do you let your children stay overnight with a grown man who even MIGHT be a pedophile? One who says he thinks it's ok to sleep with children?

The parents should be jailed even before mj!

what do you think?

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Now about Microsoft . . .

Sorry I missed posting yesterday. Well I didn't actually NOT post an article. I wrote a very funny rant about Mr. Expert on everything because I'm a scientologist Tom Cruise. Psst tom, you are not a scientist, you are a scientologist. not the same thing. get a clue.

Anyway, after writing it, I hit publish and my system crashed. Which brings us to today's rant. MICROSOFT!

Fact: Bill Gates, richest man in the world.
Fact: Bill Gates is a classic example of people who made a fortune on OTHER people's ideas and inventions. Kind of like how Sears got most of their money, except sleazier.

Parody of likely boardroom conversations at microsux;

Conversation 1. Get the product out the door and sell it to as many people as possible! It's not finished? Who cares, we'll release patches later! It might crash people's computers? Who cares, they can't sue us because of the terms of agreement. We're not responsible for anything our software does to their computers, so get that product out now! I need more money!

Conversation 2. Who do these open source people think they are? You can't give people software for free! That's just wrong! We did it? Well yeah, but we did it to create a monopoly so we would be needed by everyone so we could charge a lot of money later on. That's different. These open source people aren't trying to make money and I can't buy them off! We need a law against these people! Get the legal team in here now!

What do you mean it's not illegal to give that open source stuff away. Make it illegal! Sue them! Do something! What? We can copy the software they give away, call it something else, and sell it to people? Well now, thats more like it. I built my whole business that way! Let's do it!

Conversation 3. What's up with these Linux people? Don't they understand it's too late! I rule the world now! What? Our large clients and some government entities are switching over to linux and other alternatives? Why would they do that? I'm bill gates dammit! Because it's cheaper and more reliable? Fire our programmers and hire some more of those cheap guys from India! It's got to be the programmers fault our systems aren't as good! What? I told the programmers to ship the product out, finished or not? It's my fault? You're fired!

More stuff: It is a software company with the broadest possible understanding of software: not just computer code but books, news services, music, movies, paintings, maps and directories of people and businesses. It believes that you will buy all these on line, and it intends to deliver them. With its new Microsoft Network, providing both an on-line service and Internet access, it is focusing on electronic financial-transaction processing—which is to say, all electronic commerce; which is to say, at least in some visions of the future, pretty much all commerce. "Basically what Microsoft is trying to do is tax every bit transition in the whole world," says a senior executive of a competing software company. "When a bit flips, they will charge you."
Its profit margins are staggering by the standards of manufacturing companies—it salts away about a quarter of every dollar that comes in, compared with about 3 cents for Apple. It sits on an enormous reserve of cash. Among modern corporations it has been an unparalleled generator of personal wealth. Never mind that its founder and chairman may on any given day be the world's richest person; the third-richest Microsoft executive, Steve Ballmer, owns close to $3 billion in Microsoft stock, and 2,000 or more of its employees have be come quick millionaires, creating a remarkable new class structure in Seattle's social and political life. In a less-charged era, Gates and Ballmer both occasionally joked about their goal of world domination. Now they are more careful. Microsoft's people are taught to avoid using the word dominate in public discussion of the company's role in any part of the software business; the preferred word is lead.

More on the above at this website.

Death to the Evil Empire Web Ring

Microsoft Sucks and Bush Swallows

microsoft nears completion of death star

Yeltsin, Clinton and Bill Gates are invited to meet God.
He tells them:
"I gathered the three most important people of the world to pass on my message: Tomorrow, I will destroy the earth!"

Yeltsin goes to his council and says:
"I have 2 pieces of bad news:
1) God exists and
2) He will destroy the earth tomorrow." Clinton goes to the White House and says:
"I have good and a bad news:
1) The good news is that God exists!
2) The bad news is that He will destroy the earth tomorrow."

Bill Gates enters Microsoft and says:
"I have 2 pieces of good news:
1) I'm one of the three most important people on earth and
2) The year 2000 problem is solved!"

Q: How many Microsoft engineers does it take to change a light bulb?
A: None, Bill Gates will just redefine Darkness(tm) as the new industry standard.

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Ok new topic - illegal aliens

This just pisses me off the more I think about it!

The big corporations want cheap labor. That's the bottom line. It's not about anyone's right to work. It's not about being politically correct. They want cheap labor and they buy off governments and do whatever they have to do to get it.

It used to be "made in america" by americans, meant something. But no, the corporations had to pay union wages. we can't have that. These ceo's can't buy their 14th mansion if workers have to be paid a decent wage.

So the corporations get nafta passed so there are no penalties to building their factories in countries with cheap labor and importing their products to the US where they can sell them to americans they no longer employ.

Then that wasn't good enough. Why have to move at all? We can just outsource everything to foreign labor and remain right here in the US and reap the benefits here without having to pay american workers what they deserve.

That still isn't good enough. The corporations want all that and more. For the factories and operations they don't want to move to other countries they want to be able to hire people from other countries and have them come here to work.

So they pay off our elected crooks and will get their way again. Soon they won't have to worry about any penalties for hiring illegal aliens. The penalties they do get cost them less than what it would cost to pay americans to do the same jobs. So it's cost effective to operate outside the laws until they can get them changed.

They like to say illegal aliens take the jobs americans don't want. Bullshit. They take jobs at a wage americans won't accept because americans know better and americans have bills to pay to the very corporations that are giving their jobs away!

What they want to do and are doing is creating an atmosphere where americans will be forced to compete with illegals for jobs at the lower wages or not work at all. It's legalized slavery they are attempting to create and americans won't wake up and smell the coffee and thats what really pisses me off.

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Results of my search for the weapons of mass destruction!

If you're happy and you know it

If You're Happy And You Know It Bomb Iraq

If you cannot find Osama, bomb Iraq.
If the markets are a drama, bomb Iraq.
If the terrorists are Saudi,
And your alibi is shoddy,
And your tastes remain quite gaudy,
Bomb Iraq.

If you never were elected, bomb Iraq.
If your mood is quite dejected, bomb Iraq.
If you think that SUVs,
Are the best thing since sliced cheese,
And your father you must please,
Bomb Iraq.

If the globe is quickly warming, bomb Iraq.
If the poor will soon be storming, bomb Iraq.
We assert that might makes right,
Burning oil is a delight,
For the empire we will fight,
Bomb Iraq.

If we have no allies with us, bomb Iraq.
If we think that someone's dissed us, bomb Iraq.
So to hell with the inspections,
Let's look tough for the elections,
Close your mind and take directions,
Bomb Iraq.

If corporate fraud is growin', bomb Iraq.
If your ties to it are showin', bomb Iraq.
If your politics are sleazy,
And hiding that ain’t easy,
And your manhood’s getting queasy,
Bomb Iraq.

Fall in line and follow orders, bomb Iraq.
For our might now knows no borders, bomb Iraq.
Disagree? We’ll call it treason,
It's the make war not love season,
Even if we have no reason,
Bomb Iraq.

Source: John Robbins

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A Fairy Tale?

Once upon a time . . . There was a dictator named Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He was a very bad man. He killed his own people and tortured anyone who disagreed with him. There are many bad dictators running similar countries, but that's to be ignored here, because this is about the Bad Man called Saddam. This bad man also had lots and lots of oil. You know how important oil is don't you? Good. I knew you did.

There was also another bad man nearby in Afghanistan named osama. He's from saudi arabia, but was living in afghanistan because they allowed terrorists there.

Now way way across the world there was a man who wanted to be President of the US sooooo bad that he manipulated votes and got the supreme court to make him president. His name was Bush. Now this man Bush's family was in the oil business too. You remember we talked about oil? good.

Now remember the bad man saddam? Well he refused to do oil business with the bush family and their friends the saudis. He just would not play nice no matter what they did. They gave him all kinds of toys, like biological weapons to use on Iran, because Iran was even worse than saddam. He still wouldn't play nice with the bushes and the saudis. He sold his oil to the russians and french and germans instead.

So when bush got into his new office he called on all his classmates and they decided that if saddam wouldn't share and play nice they would just go take all his oil away from him. They made their plans, but were not sure that americans would approve so they waited.

Then the saudis, bush's friends got an idea. If we did something really terrible to america and blamed it some other really bad man like saddam, then americans would approve of them and bush going and taking away saddam's oil. So they contacted one of their own really bad men named osama. You remember I mentioned him before.

So on sept. 11th, 2001, planes crashed into the twin towers in new york. The hijackers of the planes were mostly saudi's and the money to finance them came from the saudi's, but since their friend bush was president, they could hide that from the americans and still blame it on the bad man, saddam.

So they did and bush could now convince everyone saddam was a bad man and he helped attack america, so he sent all our boys and girls in the military to war in Afghanistan first to get rid of osama so he couldn't tell anyone what really happened. Unfortunately they couldn't find him. He was hiding and still is. So bush sent the troops on to the real target, Iraq, leaving some troops behind to look for osama.

Our boys and girls are a very talented group, they were able to take over Iraq in just 2 weeks! Bush went on tv and had a party on an aircraft carrier. He even got to play dress up. He went as a real pilot. He even had a big banner hanging that said "Mission Accomplished". Hooray for bush and the saudis.

But then the other bad man, osama, who didn't know all about the plan that the saudis had, like turning iraq into a democracy, decided that he wanted it to be like afghanistan where they allow terrorists. He wanted to keep killing americans whether the saudis and bush liked it or not. So Osama gathered all his classmates from al queda school for terrorism and sent them to Iraq to fight the americans.

And, boys and girls, thats where they are today. Our boys and girls are being killed in Iraq by terrorists and by iraqis who don't want us there. They didn't like the bad man saddam, but now that he's gone they want us to go home, so they help the other bad man osama. But bush and the saudis didn't plan it this way. They were just going to grab the bad man's oil and go home. Now they have to stay to make sure they get the oil before they can go.

Thats the end of the story for today boys and girls. Tommorrow maybe we can talk about how bush fooled the americans into having senior citizens buy all there drugs from the pharmaceutical companies without the ability to bargain for better prices or maybe I can tell you the story about how he wants the bad men on wallstreet to have all our social security money.

But for now boys and girls I suggest you do your homework so you'll know "The rest of the Story".

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Can you really reach deep inside yourself and reconcile these facts?

The fact that people and the media do nothing to put these issues together as a whole plan just pisses me off!

Bush family in the oil and energy business since the 50s.
Cheney in the oil construction business.
Texaco named a tanker after Condeleeza Rice.
The bush family has the same oil business interests as the saudi royal family.
We are attacking an oil producing country that would not do business with the bush family interests or the saudi companies.
Cheney as secretary of defense under reagan gave billions of no-bid contracts to haliburton.
Cheney became ceo of haliburton receiving millions of dollars in compensation.
Cheney as VP under bush, haliburton gets billions in no-bid contracts.
15 of 19 hijackers were saudis.
The saudi royal family gave money to the 911 hijackers.
Bush refused to allow investigation of saudis in relation to 911.
Sept. 12th no americans allowed to fly, but saudi families including the bin laden family allowed to fly that day.
One of Bush's former cabinet members reveals that Bush planned to invade Iraq in February of 2001, months before 911.
Bush refers to 911 when talking about the Iraq war as if it were not planned before then and as if the two were related even though he has admitted there is no direct link between 911 and Iraq.
Afganistan had the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda. Bin Laden was directly tied to the attacks on 911.
Afganistan has a much larger population than Iraq.
We spend about 10% of the funds approved for the war on terrorism in Afghanistan and 90% of them in Iraq.

Can you really take all that together and tell me nothing is wrong here? Can you really believe that the war in Iraq is about Terrorism? Can you read this and tell me Bush is doing what is best for our country? Can you really beieve the Saudis had nothing to do with 911? Can you really believe that Bush's primary goal is going after the terrorists that toppled the twin towers on 911?

This is not a conspiracy theory. The above are facts. I simply stated them all together in the same place to see if you can still convince yourself we should support bush and his war on Iraq. And if you can still support the war with Iraq, can you still convince yourself that it has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with 911 and that it has NOTHING to do with oil company profits?

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Nationalism vs Patriotism

Websters gives the same definition to both Nationalism and Patriotism. They are absolutely wrong. There is a huge difference. And since Webster's is supposed to know definitions, that just pisses me off!

Nationalism is the belief that as a citizen it is your duty to back your government in the decisions that they make for you. That for better or worse these are our representatives, our President, and as long as they are in office we should back them. It is the belief that because we love America, we have to believe that America is right and just and that whatever we are doing is for the good of all.

Patriotism is the love of your country America. A love so deep that you will not allow governments including our own to damage this great country or it's citizens. A Patriot questions EVERY step our elected government takes to make sure they do not infringe upon our rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Thomas Jefferswon said, "It is not your right to question your government, it is your duty to do so."

People say if you are against the war, you do not support our troops. What a stupid concept that is. I support our troops 100% and cry at the thought of ANY soldiers dying in ANY war, let alone dying for the lies that bush told to get them there in the first place.

People say you are not being patriotic if you don't back the president and the war. Again a stupid thought by stupid people who do not understand what patriotism is. I suggest if you think this way scroll up and read the difference between patriotism and nationalism again.

President Bush lied to get us into the Iraq war. He has used the fear of terrorism to mask his real reasons for wanting to attack Iraq. He has used patriotism as a cloak to hide in while he goes on with an agenda that was initiated BEFORE 911 even happened!

Things That Just Piss Me Off

The Iraq War.

People who cannot admit when they are wrong or when they have made a mistake just piss me off!

People who supported the war in Iraq and who believed that President Bush was telling the truth when he was convincing them that the war was necessary, cannot and will not admit they were wrong.

They cannot admit they made a mistake in believing that George W. was a moral President and would not lie to us about the reasons for invading Iraq, even though THERE WERE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION FOUND IN IRAQ AND EVEN IF THEY HAD BEEN THERE WAS NO DELIVERY SYSTEM IN IRAQ THAT WOULD HELP THEM USE THEM AGAINST THE US THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY.

There is a memo found in Britain where it states bush wanted ONLY information that supported him going into Iraq. He did not want ANY information that might not support his claims.

THE TRUTH. 15 of 19 of the hijackers on 9-11 were Saudi Arabian. We have proof that the Saudi Princess gave money to the 911 hijackers. Bush crossed out all reference to Saudi Arabia when he gave information to the 911 commission.

We had NO information that proved saddam hussein gave money to the terrorists, but have proof the saudi royal family did. NONE of the hijackers were Iraqis, but 15 of 19 were saudi. Those facts alone warrant the 911 commission to have investigated the saudis BEFORE investigating ANY other country.

The 911 commission proved Iraq had NOTHING to do with 911 and bush has admitted that to be true, yet in every speech he gives about why we are in and should stay in iraq, he brings up 911.

And people buy it! That's what really pisses me off! Rather than admit they were wrong about bush and iraq, they would rather ignore the evidence that they were duped into it by our president. That would make them FEEL less intelligent
because they made the wrong choice. No one likes to think they were fooled, it somehow diminishes who they are in some way. They would rather stay on the same wrong path and convince themselves they were right even if it means hurting the country they claim to love.

Bush LIED! Wake up and smell the coffee. Admit you trusted the wrong guy. Admit we are killing people and getting our soldiers killed and are continuing to do so all because we don't want to admit we were wrong. That is not a good reason for our soldiers to die.

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