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Nationalism vs Patriotism

Websters gives the same definition to both Nationalism and Patriotism. They are absolutely wrong. There is a huge difference. And since Webster's is supposed to know definitions, that just pisses me off!

Nationalism is the belief that as a citizen it is your duty to back your government in the decisions that they make for you. That for better or worse these are our representatives, our President, and as long as they are in office we should back them. It is the belief that because we love America, we have to believe that America is right and just and that whatever we are doing is for the good of all.

Patriotism is the love of your country America. A love so deep that you will not allow governments including our own to damage this great country or it's citizens. A Patriot questions EVERY step our elected government takes to make sure they do not infringe upon our rights guaranteed to us by the Constitution. Thomas Jefferswon said, "It is not your right to question your government, it is your duty to do so."

People say if you are against the war, you do not support our troops. What a stupid concept that is. I support our troops 100% and cry at the thought of ANY soldiers dying in ANY war, let alone dying for the lies that bush told to get them there in the first place.

People say you are not being patriotic if you don't back the president and the war. Again a stupid thought by stupid people who do not understand what patriotism is. I suggest if you think this way scroll up and read the difference between patriotism and nationalism again.

President Bush lied to get us into the Iraq war. He has used the fear of terrorism to mask his real reasons for wanting to attack Iraq. He has used patriotism as a cloak to hide in while he goes on with an agenda that was initiated BEFORE 911 even happened!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

this is what it think how we should see this terms....

nationalism is the spirit of the nation. a nation is define as a set of people that share the same identity usually associated with cultural, ethnic, ancestry, religion and values that may unite them. so nationalism is best define as an act of loyalty and being proud to the people of your own nation. has nothing to do with politic unless the politic support the identity that unite this people.

patriotism is love for the country. true enough. if nationalism has something to do with nation, nationality.... patriotism has very much something to do with citizenship i.e. member of the country. and what drives patriotism is definitely sharing the same territory, law, constitution, government (if the government serves the people and not themselves), equal rights, freedom and by functioning as a single civil community. that is more toward the definition of constitutional patriotism that applies to democracy and republic.

2:02 AM  
Blogger cLy_eVo said...

i just want to clarify somethings.none of what the blogger said contradict with the definition i gave out earlier. I believe the national identity of american people is strong. They may have different group of ethinicity and color, but if you run a survey. I believe the absolute majority of the people sees their fellow americans as brothers not only by functioning as a single civil community but also share the same national identity that is the American culture. That american national identity is so strong that it may put aside the little distinction they have between their ethnic culture.

In fact i totally agree to what the blogger said in the first paragraph. In the sense that the leader is the representative of the nation. And the people of the nation, lies allegiance to the nation. Whether the nation is right or wrong is nationalism.

Patriot lies his allegiance to the constitution and the welfare of the citizens as a whole. You are not being a patriot if you violate the constitution. Constitution is the values in which united states is created. Violating it is definitely treason. To go against the government that governs in the name of the constitution is treason. to go against the government that violates the constitution is patriotism.

2:52 AM  
Blogger kidsearch said...

You get it! Thank you! So many do not actually see there is a difference between nationalism and patriotism.

Even gives the same definition for the two and it's just incorrect.

Some people in government wish people to think they are the same. They wish americans to believe that supporting what your government does is patriotism.

It isn't.

Chris McElroy

3:23 PM  

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