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The Iraq War.

People who cannot admit when they are wrong or when they have made a mistake just piss me off!

People who supported the war in Iraq and who believed that President Bush was telling the truth when he was convincing them that the war was necessary, cannot and will not admit they were wrong.

They cannot admit they made a mistake in believing that George W. was a moral President and would not lie to us about the reasons for invading Iraq, even though THERE WERE NO WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION FOUND IN IRAQ AND EVEN IF THEY HAD BEEN THERE WAS NO DELIVERY SYSTEM IN IRAQ THAT WOULD HELP THEM USE THEM AGAINST THE US THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY.

There is a memo found in Britain where it states bush wanted ONLY information that supported him going into Iraq. He did not want ANY information that might not support his claims.

THE TRUTH. 15 of 19 of the hijackers on 9-11 were Saudi Arabian. We have proof that the Saudi Princess gave money to the 911 hijackers. Bush crossed out all reference to Saudi Arabia when he gave information to the 911 commission.

We had NO information that proved saddam hussein gave money to the terrorists, but have proof the saudi royal family did. NONE of the hijackers were Iraqis, but 15 of 19 were saudi. Those facts alone warrant the 911 commission to have investigated the saudis BEFORE investigating ANY other country.

The 911 commission proved Iraq had NOTHING to do with 911 and bush has admitted that to be true, yet in every speech he gives about why we are in and should stay in iraq, he brings up 911.

And people buy it! That's what really pisses me off! Rather than admit they were wrong about bush and iraq, they would rather ignore the evidence that they were duped into it by our president. That would make them FEEL less intelligent
because they made the wrong choice. No one likes to think they were fooled, it somehow diminishes who they are in some way. They would rather stay on the same wrong path and convince themselves they were right even if it means hurting the country they claim to love.

Bush LIED! Wake up and smell the coffee. Admit you trusted the wrong guy. Admit we are killing people and getting our soldiers killed and are continuing to do so all because we don't want to admit we were wrong. That is not a good reason for our soldiers to die.


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