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Rep. Bev Harbin - Bad Checks and Bad Government

Blogger shuts down Web site that mocked legislator

An irreverent local blogger has chosen to give up a Web site making fun of state Rep. Bev Harbin after Harbin threatened to take him to court under the state's law against cybersquatting.

Jon Asato, a tour guide and writer, said he agreed to drop the domain names BevHarbin .com and after Harbin sent him two letters warning of a civil lawsuit. Asato said his Harbin Web site, which had cartoons that likened Harbin to The Incredible Hulk and the Joker character from the movie "Batman," should be protected as free speech.

But he said he did not have the money for a legal fight and instead has posted the cartoons and commentary about his experience on his celebrity gossip Web site, ""

Harbin was appointed in September by Gov. Linda Lingle to fill a House vacancy but was asked to resign after it was discovered she had unpaid state taxes and misdemeanor convictions for writing bad checks. She refused to resign and is running to retain her seat.

The disagreement between Asato and Harbin may seem small in scale but involves a fundamental constitutional right — free speech — and the evolving rights of people to control the use of their names on the Internet.

Asato, in e-mail to The Advertiser, said the legal threats squelched his freedom of speech and caused him to reduce his posts on his other Web sites. He said Harbin used a badly worded state law to bully him.

"There are local political issues that I find incredibly frustrating, but Harbin was the first public official whose arrogance made me say to myself that I had to do something," he said. "Some people join political parties, go to City Council meetings, attend protests — me, I find that being creative is how I best come to terms with life's frustrations."

Harbin said Asato could have confused readers searching for information about her even though his site was for satire. She also wonders why he did not just post the cartoons on one of his other Web sites, like he eventually did anyway.

"They'd rather just sit back and hide behind a computer screen," she said of some bloggers. "They won't come out and scrap."
This is a call to all bloggers who have any balls at all. Hide behind a computer screen? At least we're not out writing bad checks and dodging taxes.

You wanted to be blogged about then you should get your wish Bev. I hope all bloggers who read this make ol Bev a pet project.

Lets find more about Bev harbin;

Harbin refuses gov, won’t resign. Gov. Lingle's chief of staff says the legislator lied by omission and now doubts whether she can work effectively. » Constituents want Harbin out

After Lingle appointed Harbin earlier this month to a state House seat, Harbin was the subject of news reports that she still owed the state $125,000 in back taxes and she had been convicted of passing bad checks in 1987.

Asked why she didn't explain her criminal record, Harbin said she was told the governor would do a criminal history check and nothing was said about her conviction when she was interviewed. "I don't think I lied by omission," Harbin said.

bev hardin
Should I post this woman on my Most Wanted Fugitives Blog

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Windows 98 No Longer Supported by Microsoft

I didn't switch from windows 3.1 to windows 95 until I was forced to. I didn't switch to windows 98 until I was forced to. Now I suppose I will have to switch to windows XP just as microsoft is about to release vista.

The software companies really have it good don't they? Think if car manufacturers got the same privileges as they got.

Yes, we are now releasing the new mustang version 07. Mechanics will no longer work on your old 2006 mustang. Or at the very least, we will no longer be producing parts for your mustang version 06.

Realplayer is even worse. I bought realplayer G2. When realplayer came out with a new version they not only did not provide support for realplayer G2, they disabled it so it will no longer play realplayer media files.

That is like buying the 06 mustang and when the 07 comes out, your 06 mustang stops working altogether.

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For the Doubters about the Bush Administration wanting to spy on US Citizens

Each little piece of the puzzle should be enough to convince Americans that our goivernment intends on spying on Americans and not just those they claim have ties to Al Queda.

The idea of monitoring what library books people check out.

The gathering of phone records from the phone companies.

The wiretaps of international calls.

The new "smart passports" and proposed National ID Cards with smart chips that contain your personal data.

The whole banking thing where they go through everyone's bank records to look for "suspicious" transactions.

And now, this story;
Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites
09 June 2006 news service
Paul Marks

"I AM continually shocked and appalled at the details people voluntarily post online about themselves." So says Jon Callas, chief security officer at PGP, a Silicon Valley-based maker of encryption software. He is far from alone in noticing that fast-growing social networking websites such as MySpace and Friendster are a snoop's dream.

New Scientist has discovered that Pentagon's National Security Agency, which specialises in eavesdropping and code-breaking, is funding research into the mass harvesting of the information that people post about themselves on social networks. And it could harness advances in internet technology - specifically the forthcoming "semantic web" championed by the web standards organisation W3C - to combine data from social networking websites with details such as banking, retail and property records, allowing the NSA to build extensive, all-embracing personal profiles of individuals.
If you can truly examine each of those things I mentioned above and still say you don't think our government intends on spying on US citizens and harvesting information about US citizens and maintaining a database about each of us, then there is absolutely no hope for you.

government spying
Click here for the rest of the story

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To Cheney everything is legal

I think Bush and Cheney took courses before starting to run our government. They took finance classes from Ken Lay, legal courses written by Senator Joe McCarthy, military classes from the French and italians, and ethics classes from Jack Abramoff.

Cheney and Bush run spend most of their time running around telling everyone that what they are doing is legal by their own personal definition of legal. When you have to explain that often something is obviously wrong with what you are doing.

Honestly officer, the light was only a little bit red and thats not my booze in the car, the drugs were some I'm just holding for a friend and the bodies in the trunk were there when I bought the car.

Cheney Assails Press on Report on Bank Data

WASHINGTON, June 23 — Vice President Dick Cheney on Friday vigorously defended a secret program that examines banking records of Americans and others in a vast international database, and harshly criticized the news media for disclosing an operation he said was legal and "absolutely essential" to fighting terrorism.

It's only wrong when we get caught. If we do something that is totally unethical, then the press reports it to the American public, it's the press's fault for exposing it in the first place?

If Cheney were arrested for bank robbery, this would be his response;

Your honor, the only reason I appear in the courtroom today is because that police officer was taking a break at the donut shop while on the clock on taxpayer money across the street from the bank I was robbing.

If that bad police officer was out patrolling the streets where he was supposed to be I would not be standing here before you now.

Cheney the Penguin

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How to Get 5 Billion Pages Indexed in Less Than 30 Days

Ok, everyone that is google adnonsense crazy, you definitely need to read this. Google has a little over 8 billion pages in its index. Over half of that belongs to one entity?

Read the story here.

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Google Brass Jumping Ship?

I'm no expert on the stock market but whenever google is being compared to other search engines on the web many believe google will always be on top while others believe MSN search and Yahoo as well as others will catch up and give them some serious competition.

If you owned stock in google, it would seem you would form your opionion by voting with your stock. If you believe google was in for some serious competition, you would sell at least some of your stock. If you believe google was still on its way up, then you would buy or at least hold onto your stock.

Google Stock
Click here to see how the top brass at google are casting their stock/votes

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The MO of the Bush Administration

Modus operandi
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Modus operandi (often used in the abbreviated form MO) is a Latin phrase, approximately translated as "mode of operation." The plural is modi operandi ("modes of operation"). It is used in police work to describe a criminal's characteristic patterns and style of work.

The term is also commonly used in English in a non-criminal sense to describe someone's habits or manner of working, the method of operating or functioning.

A criminal's MO may also be used in offender profiling, where it can be used to find clues to the perpetrator's psychology.

The method of operation or MO is sometimes confused with a criminal's "signature". While a criminal's MO may change over time, his or her signature will usually stay the same.
The Bush Administation's MO for a profiler would include several instances of, "I can do anything I want because I'm the (Fill in the blank with President, Vice President, Defense Secretary, Advisor to the President, or other Bush administration official).

bush money

Bush can detain prisoners without applying the geneva convention even though he calls the war on terrorism a "war" because he's the president.

Bush can wiretap phones without going to the special court set up for that purpose, because he's the president.

Latest is Cheney. "Dick Cheney to Arlen Specter: I'll Talk to Senators Whenever I Want" which he can but it fits the MO so well I have to include it.

Click here for that story.

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US Government Wants More Information On YOU!

June 1 (Bloomberg) -- The U.S. is asking Internet companies including Microsoft Corp., Google Inc. and AOL to preserve records of customers' Web activity to aid terrorism and child pornography investigations.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and FBI Director Robert Mueller made the request last week at a meeting with industry executives, said Brian Roehrkasse, a Justice Department spokesman. More talks are scheduled for today and tomorrow. Also included in the discussions are representatives from victims' rights groups, privacy advocates and law enforcement officials, he said.

``We have begun initial discussions with Internet service providers and others on this issue of data retention to help the department with bolstering its investigative efforts,'' said Roehrkasse.
Every day this administration finds another avenue to gather and retain records on all US citizens. McCarthy did it with Communism, J. Edgar Hoover just did it, and President GW Bush uses terrorism. The three of them are perfectly comfortable in the same sentence.

Click here for the rest of the story

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6/17/06 So Called Spam Lister.

You know you have some people who really think they are God's gift to the Internet. They think they know everything and they believe that everyone should bow to their superior knowledge. Usually that is how someone who is really inferior deals with their own shortcomings.

The people who run are perfect examples of the type of people I am talking about. If anyone isn't familiar with this group you should be. They blacklist domain names whenever one of the group decides to basically.

Besides this blog I also run a nonprofit missing children organization. Through it's websites and blogs we provide a lot of safety information and other valuable content.

Having a name like isn't as nice as isn't as good as

There are places I don't use in my signature line out of politeness, instead I use

I can do this by registering a domain name and doing a url redirect to point at the blog. It's much better than the longer names. When you do a url redirect, you are not actually on a web host. You can't send email from that domain name. At least not at my registrar.

However the good folks at has put these three domain names on a blacklist for spamming. It says on their website that they only do that if one of their "administrators" gets a spam email from one of those domain names.

Since I cannot send mail from those domain names, that pretty much makes them liars. They are causing harm to a nonprofit missing children organization due to their superior attitude and self-serving behavior.

If you type any one of those domain names into your browser or click those links you will see what I do is legitimate. That pretty much means that since sorbs has decided to attack this missing children's organization, I will now have to defend it with any legal means necessary.

Anyone who uses their so-called service should be aware that blocking the use of my legitimately registered domain names will get them also named in any lawsuit I file.

I tried to deal with them through their website. But they assume they know everything there is to know.

How did I get listed in the first place...?

There are many possibilities.

The IP address that you use for your outgoing mail was used to send spam to a SORBS spamtrap or administrator. Hmmm, since I have no OUTGOING MAIL SERVER I guess that doesn't apply

There are multiple possibilities for how this could have happened:

You spammed directly. Hmmm, since I have no OUTGOING MAIL SERVER I guess that doesn't apply

Either you are a dedicated spammer, or you operate an insecure mailing list to which the address of a SORBS spamtrap or administrator was added without their knowledge or consent. Hmmm, since I have no OUTGOING MAIL SERVER I guess that doesn't apply

It is a shared server and some other user on the same server spammed directly. hmmm, since I am only on the domain registrar's server and not on any other type of hosting, I guess this doesn't apply either.

The machine was illegally taken over via vulnerabilities in software and abused for spamming. This includes vulnerabilities on servers as well as viruses and trojan horses on end-user computers. Since is a pretty healthy and stable registrar where in 11 years of registering domain names I have never had or even heard of this hapopening there, I guess this doesn't apply either.

You are an ISP who provides supplementary Internet services (DNS, web hosting, mail exchanger) or a credit card operator who provides credit card processing services to a domain advertised in spam that was received by a SORBS spamtrap or administrator. again, not me

You are an innocent party whose IP address is listed as part of a larger range of blocked IP addresses because your Internet service provider is not taking action against other customers of theirs that engage in spamming. So pretty much you can just blacklist anyone you feel like blacklisting due to something someone else did? Since you add these manually to the databse you are liable for the decisions you make.

You inherited a listed network after your provider moved the previous tenant, who was a listed spammer, elsewhere. They may have simply moved them around in their own IP address space, or they may have terminated the spammer. At any rate, it would have been kind of the ISP to double-check whether the address block was blocklisted anywhere before reallocating it. Again, if this is the case YOU have made a choice to blacklist those domain names without cause.

SORBS will not delist you without paying the 'fine' for any of these reasons. So this self appointed group of jerkoffs think they have the right to FINE someone?

However, if the listing is a part of a wider range that is blocked you the end-user are not required to pay the SORBS 'fine' as the entry was not generated because of your actions. In such a case only the Internet service provider involved can address the matter. Oh, how gracious of you that I might not have to pay the fine THAT YOU MADE UP!

Then the best part is to submit a delisting request, you have to provide the IP address of your mailserver or the form will not go through. They are so sure that whatever they do is correct that they didn't allow for any other way. Hey assholes! IF I DO NOT HAVE A MAILSERVER I CANNOT GIVE YOU AN IP ADDRESS FOR IT!

This makes it so I cannot email them to tell them they have made a mistake, because they assume that they do not make any mistakes.

If you do not know what your IP address is, please read the Support Request FAQ because you cannot be delisted without knowing it. This is simply because we are not mind readers. Any requests that do not contain the IP address(es) involved have to be ignored and deleted unread. Sorry.

The 'fine' was created to stop spammers from quickly removing themselves from the database. It also has the side effect of reminding people the hard way that they are responsible for their own actions.
Putting an unpatched, unfirewalled Microsoft Windows® machine on the Internet is irresponsible in the highest degree, installing a proxy server and leaving it open for the world to use is both foolish and irresponsible, yet people are doing these things every day, and no one is telling them they can't or that it is wrong.

The 'fine' is US $50.00 and is designed to be small enough to so that the home user will think twice about getting listed a second time, and small enough to be a 'right royal pain in the butt' to any large company, the idea being that whether you are a multi-national company or a single home user, you will think twice about getting relisted for any reason.

Needless to say, the 'fine' policy has proved controversial, particularly with those listed. It has also received negative press from several large U.S. ISPs

Yeah as in we list you and you pay us to be taken off the list. That is extortion plain and simple. They claim the money goes to charity. I run a charity and they are trying to extort money from me to give to a charity?

and finally, if you are really not a spammer, or you are truly reformed, de-listing is relatively easy. You donate US$50 to a charity or trust approved by, and not connected with, SORBS for each spam received related to the listing.
So If I really not a spammer I have to pay the extortion anyway.

The "charity the donation goes to is to a lwyer who defended a guy that did exactly what these guys are doing. He got sued for the equivalent of defamation for accusing someone of being a spammer. It says that the guy already won the lawsuit but any extra money will go to defend people who accuse other people of being spammers.

So in other words, Sorbs accuses you of being a spammer and you must pay them to be taken off their blacklist. The money goes into a fund that helps defend them if you sue them.

Click here to see the so-called charity the money goes to.

I DON'T agree with the fine! Will SORBS change it...?

In a word, YES! However...
What will it be replaced with? That is the question SORBS has for you.
A blatant threat that if you do not pay something worse will happen.

I've taken screen shots to make sure I have it all as written and personally I believe they are going to need that defense fund.

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Our Own King George

It just keeps getting worse. This administration has done more to piss people off since King George III of England.

Take a look at what led to the American Revolution.

Bush attacks privacy the way King George opposed taxes.

Bush ignores the geneva convention. Says it doesn't apply to his war.

Bush and Cheney regard torture as a means to gather information totally acceptable.

Bush orders wiretaps on American citizens without the court order from the secret courrt set up for exactly that purpose.

Bush thinks monitoring what books people check out at the library is acceptable.

Bush has had the phone companies assisting the NSA to compile the phone records of US citizens and NOT just those that are suspected of terrorism.

Homeland Security
And now he wants to force ISPs to keep everyone's records on file just in case the government might want to look them over someday. Click the image to read the article.

Our own King George has crossed the line so many times its amazing to me how people can think any of these things can or will stop a terrorist from bombing a bus, a subway train, a car, or anything else.

What is more amazing to me is people's willingness to allow this president to take away their rights by using fear as a tool to convince them that these things are necessary.

For just 30 seconds, just 30, I want you to imagine you are a terrorist. How many ways can you think of to hurt the people around you? Could you really be stopped? Would any of the things our King George is doing stop you if you really were the type of person who wanted to attack America?


If giving these things up actually gave us any real security, then maybe they should be considered, but they don't. All they do is allow the government to have more information on everyone in this country.

Even if you think bush is a great guy and would never use that information in a bad way, just remember, he won't be president after 2008. Do you really want to put all of that information into the hands of Hilary Clinton? John Kerry? Some future president we don't even know of yet?

It seems everyone, at least every neo-con, thinks that anyone who disagrees with King Bush is a traitor to this country, let alone being a traitor to the republican conservative movement.

It is the duty of every patriotic American to question the motives of those they elect to govern them. To be unquestioningly loyal to the government is NOT patriotism.

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Two Tier Internet Explained

We have all been hearing about the telephone companies attempting to charge websites who use more bandwidth than other websites. They want to provide those who pay them faster and better access while slowing down the access of websites not paying for that extra bandwidth.

These websites and companies already pay for that bandwidth to their hosting company who pays the telcos. Now the telcos want to get paid twice.

What about the indians in mexico that used the web to make the world aware of Mexico trying to exterminate them. Thos ewebsites used a lot of bandwidth but made no profit. Under the telcos planned two-tier system they would be extinct.

Unless you have not heard, Verizon, AT&T, Bell South and other telecommunications giants are lobbying Congress to establish a legal basis for charging website owners for traffic with the help of two-tier Internet.

If telecommunication lobby succeeds it would mean the end of online freedom and higher prices for online goods and services for all of us.

So what do telecommunication companies want? Quite naturally, greedy corporations want more profit and they are keen to find a way to stuff their pockets even tighter.

Hold on there, telecom companies already charging us - the consumers - for broadband and cable access, right? But now they want to charge content providers too based on the amount of traffic their sites generate. Nonsense! Although telcos argue that they want to curb proliferation of online video and other types of data-hungry streaming that allegedly taxes their networks they think imposing traffic fees on content providers would be a fair solution.
Click Here for the rest of the story.

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High Court Helps Government Officials Hide Corruption

Now that an FBI raid has siezed documents from several politicians that could prove to be proof that they were taking bribes, now that it seems GW Bush has overstepped his Presidential Authority in Guantanamo and with the whole NSA wiretapping issue, and with the Jack Abramoff scandals, the Supreme court comes to the rescue!

Now those politicians won't have to worry about people snitching on their illegal activities thanks to Judge Alito swinging the vote their way. Hey, the guy has to thank those that got him on the high court doesn't he?

The Supreme Court scaled back protections for government workers who blow the whistle on official misconduct Tuesday, a 5-4 decision in which new Justice Samuel Alito cast the deciding vote.

In a victory for the Bush administration, justices said the 20 million public employees do not have free-speech protections for what they say as part of their jobs.

Critics predicted the impact would be sweeping, from silencing police officers who fear retribution for reporting department corruption, to subduing federal employees who want to reveal problems with government hurricane preparedness or terrorist-related security.
Now the politicians are free to continue to be corrupt and those who wish to blow the whistle on them can get in trouble. Now that is a good law to have. Let the criminals go free and punish those who report them?

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The NTIA to Review ICANN's Progress

The NTIA (National Telecommunications and Information Administration) has asked for comments related to how ICANN has been doing their job. Well if you read my blog much, you know how I feel about the job that ICANN hasn't been doing.

I decided to make it known to the NTIA as well since they asked for comments. My comments can be found here in html format, here in Word format, or here in PDF format.

Let's Talk About ICANN
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