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To Cheney everything is legal

I think Bush and Cheney took courses before starting to run our government. They took finance classes from Ken Lay, legal courses written by Senator Joe McCarthy, military classes from the French and italians, and ethics classes from Jack Abramoff.

Cheney and Bush run spend most of their time running around telling everyone that what they are doing is legal by their own personal definition of legal. When you have to explain that often something is obviously wrong with what you are doing.

Honestly officer, the light was only a little bit red and thats not my booze in the car, the drugs were some I'm just holding for a friend and the bodies in the trunk were there when I bought the car.

Cheney Assails Press on Report on Bank Data

WASHINGTON, June 23 — Vice President Dick Cheney on Friday vigorously defended a secret program that examines banking records of Americans and others in a vast international database, and harshly criticized the news media for disclosing an operation he said was legal and "absolutely essential" to fighting terrorism.

It's only wrong when we get caught. If we do something that is totally unethical, then the press reports it to the American public, it's the press's fault for exposing it in the first place?

If Cheney were arrested for bank robbery, this would be his response;

Your honor, the only reason I appear in the courtroom today is because that police officer was taking a break at the donut shop while on the clock on taxpayer money across the street from the bank I was robbing.

If that bad police officer was out patrolling the streets where he was supposed to be I would not be standing here before you now.

Cheney the Penguin

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