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Two Tier Internet Explained

We have all been hearing about the telephone companies attempting to charge websites who use more bandwidth than other websites. They want to provide those who pay them faster and better access while slowing down the access of websites not paying for that extra bandwidth.

These websites and companies already pay for that bandwidth to their hosting company who pays the telcos. Now the telcos want to get paid twice.

What about the indians in mexico that used the web to make the world aware of Mexico trying to exterminate them. Thos ewebsites used a lot of bandwidth but made no profit. Under the telcos planned two-tier system they would be extinct.

Unless you have not heard, Verizon, AT&T, Bell South and other telecommunications giants are lobbying Congress to establish a legal basis for charging website owners for traffic with the help of two-tier Internet.

If telecommunication lobby succeeds it would mean the end of online freedom and higher prices for online goods and services for all of us.

So what do telecommunication companies want? Quite naturally, greedy corporations want more profit and they are keen to find a way to stuff their pockets even tighter.

Hold on there, telecom companies already charging us - the consumers - for broadband and cable access, right? But now they want to charge content providers too based on the amount of traffic their sites generate. Nonsense! Although telcos argue that they want to curb proliferation of online video and other types of data-hungry streaming that allegedly taxes their networks they think imposing traffic fees on content providers would be a fair solution.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that gives us all something to think about.

LIdija Turkovic

5:22 PM  

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