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Contextual Advertising Disease

When contextual advertising like google adsense first came out I thought, "what a great idea! Ads based on my content that my readers might be able to actually use and want."

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Notice I no longer put adsense into my blog. The reason; I don't want to be part of spreading this infectious disease.

I write articles for clients and have to use the web to do research. Everytime I go to search for something now, I have to sort through all of the garbage websites that are built for just google adsense ads.

I'm not talking about websites that have actual content AND have google adsense in addition to that. Nothing wrong with that.

I'm talking about websites that have no content, have spammy content, or even have hidden content where the spammy text is the same color as the background of the page.

Websites like this one, which was number 1 in for the term "make money". How about this one, which was number 1 in google for mancoon cats. Try any of the sites for that search term. They are almost all garbage.


The google adnonsense disease is ruining search on the Internet and google and the other contextual advertising creators don't care.

Google's terms of service say they do not allow websites like those. However, they are not only allowing it, they are ranking them in the top 10 results for search terms.

They can't tell me they can't find those websites that are violating the TOS. They can't miss them. If any google employee uses the web at all they would see them every day.

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The defenders of this say they are providing another way for people to search the web. What? By having you as the middleman? If it weren't for the garbage parked and monetized domain name disease and the trash websites all about adsense, then the user would find what they are looking for through the search engine.

The user would get to a website that had related content. One that actually had some kind of value. Parked monetized domain names and garbage no content or spammy content websites add no value to the web at all. It's a disease that's killing web search as we know it.

But the ones that are doing it don't care. Give me some clicks and let me earn my two cents! Then you have the adsense gurus promoting more of it and charging people to learn how they too can create more garbage on the web using google adnonsense.

I'll be glad when people start talking about google the way they now talk about Veronica the extinct gopher search tool.

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