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Self Centered People

When did people in the US become so self-centered. I mean we all are to a certain degree. We tend to put our own interests at the top of our priorities. But that's not what I'm talking about here.

I'm talking about people that don't even seem to realize that other people even have any priorities besides fulfilling their priorities.

You see it every day. People who stop in front of you to talk with someone even though there is a line of cars waiting on them. Their priority right now is to talk to whoever they are talking to and the fact thaty all the cars behind them have places to go makes no difference whatsoever.

People in line at the fast food restaurant that stand there talking while they are going through the line, then get to the cashier and look up at the menu and say . . . "uh, what do I want, let me see." They could have been deciding that all along while they were in line and they wouldn't be holding up the people behind them, but that isn't important to them.

The convenience of others has no consequence to these people. The whole world revolves around them and everything and everyone is just there to do their bidding if they get noticed at all.

These are the same people that if you ask them to do anything the first concern they have is "What's in it for me?" "What do I get out of it?" "I don't do anything for free!" Yet they are also the same people unwilling to pay others to do the things they ask or will be as late as possible paying others for the services they do perform. The only thing that was important is that they got what they wanted and your needs are not important.

People who cut in line or rush in to take a parking place or people who turn left at the light even though those going straight had the right away all belong in this category of asshole.

This "me me me, my name is jimmy so gimme gimme gimme" attitude seems to be like a disease that is spreading in epidemic proportion. Forget the bird flu, lets get rid of the "Me Flu".

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