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Webmaster Advice

Okay, this really pisses me off. You go to a webmaster forum and you see someone puts their website up to be reviewed by other webmasters. Then 2 or 3 webmasters start criticizing the website and talking about all the flaws.

Then you look in the webmasters sigline for their own websites and find out they have a couple of adsense monetized webpages with 0 page rank and no traffic.

What makes some of these guys think that buying an adsense website on Ebay qualifies them to criticize anyone else's website?

More things that just piss me off


Blogger The Gifted One said...

They have 500 posts in that forum of course! Don't you know that your post count makes you an expert.

If you regurgitate the same thing that the other wannabe guru's on the forum say, that makes you an expert. No one will argue with you because you are spouting that forum's line of thinking. At least one of the guru's anyway. If anyone disagrees with you, then you can always ask the forum guru to come rescue your ass, because, after all, all you did was repost his line of thinking anyway.

These are the same guys with the time to have hundreds, maybe thousands of posts in a forum, but only own maybe one or two crappy websites.

Sounds an awful lot like a time management issue to me.

There's nothing wrong with posting YOUR OWN opinion in a forum. But these days it seems that there are far too many forums out there that just keep reposting the same shit over and over again.

Webmaster forums should be a place for teaching. Not Preaching.

Chuck Crawford
Affiliate Website Design Forum

12:39 PM  

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