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Home Owners Hire Half of Illegal Immigrants

Everyone keeps saying, "Illegal Immigrants do the jobs Americans won't do." Thats the catch phrase of all those who think we should grant citizenship to all illegal immigrants. Some of them even believe that.

illegal immigration and social security

The facts are different. First of all, if you granted them all citizenship, it is unfair to all those from all other countries who came here, filled out all the forms, stood in the lines, paid out the money, went to classes, and waited for legal US Citizen status.

You would instead be rewarding illegal behavior. Never been a good idea that started with granting favors to people who break the law.

Illegal Immigration

Secondly, the only big winners in the whole illegal immigrant issue are the big corporation and the rich who want cheap labor and refuse to pay a living wage, pay into social security which needs the money, and pay employment taxes as well as health care.

The illegals get treated like garbage by these employers. No health care or workman's compensation. They pay them less money than they would pay anyone else. They work them longer hours with no overtime. They work them in unsafe conditions. They can do all of this because illegals can't complain about not being treated fairly by employers.

Allowing illegal immigrants to come here and work is not doing them any favors. If they went through the process to become citizens then they would have the rights that all American citizens have. Minimum wage would apply. Workman's compensation would be mandatory. Employment taxes would be paid and that eases the burden on legitimate employers. Social Security would be paid into for each of these workers, which is not only good for them, it's good for social security that bush claims is going broke.

And now, statistics show that The number one employers of day laborers, many of whom are illegal immigrants, are homeowners -- not construction contractors, not professional landscapers, not those jobs that no American will do.

Forty-nine percent of day labor employers are homeowners, according to 2,660 laborers interviewed for the study. Contractors were second, at 43 percent. The study also found that three quarters of day laborers were illegal immigrants and most were from Latin America.

Homeowners like the men who call themselves "jornaleros" because they make up a flexible labor pool with no red tape and no overhead. And they'll do backbreaking jobs much cheaper than regular contractors.
Dodging red tape like taxes and social security and health care and safety rules.

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