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Pentagon Punishes Veterans Again

Influential lawmakers are moving to block for at least a year the Defense Department's plan to raise TRICARE fees, co-payments and deductibles for military retirees under age 65 and their family members.

Defense officials had hoped to begin to phase in the higher rates, the average fee increases for under-65 retirees would be 115 percent, as early as October, 2006.

Enrollment fees for TRICARE Prime would triple for retired officers, double for senior enlisted and rise by 41 percent for retired enlisted in grades E-6 and below.

Deductibles for TRICARE Standard also would rise sharply for under-65 retirees and, for the first time, Standard users among them also would pay an annual enrollment fee.

VietNam Vets
So much for this administration "supporting our troops" as they so often like to say.

TRICARE retail pharmacy co-payments too would increase under the plan. To learn more, read article "Higher TRICARE Fees for Retirees Run Aground" by Tom Philpott.
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