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High Court Helps Government Officials Hide Corruption

Now that an FBI raid has siezed documents from several politicians that could prove to be proof that they were taking bribes, now that it seems GW Bush has overstepped his Presidential Authority in Guantanamo and with the whole NSA wiretapping issue, and with the Jack Abramoff scandals, the Supreme court comes to the rescue!

Now those politicians won't have to worry about people snitching on their illegal activities thanks to Judge Alito swinging the vote their way. Hey, the guy has to thank those that got him on the high court doesn't he?

The Supreme Court scaled back protections for government workers who blow the whistle on official misconduct Tuesday, a 5-4 decision in which new Justice Samuel Alito cast the deciding vote.

In a victory for the Bush administration, justices said the 20 million public employees do not have free-speech protections for what they say as part of their jobs.

Critics predicted the impact would be sweeping, from silencing police officers who fear retribution for reporting department corruption, to subduing federal employees who want to reveal problems with government hurricane preparedness or terrorist-related security.
Now the politicians are free to continue to be corrupt and those who wish to blow the whistle on them can get in trouble. Now that is a good law to have. Let the criminals go free and punish those who report them?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The way I heard it described, government employees are not advised to approach their superior with a problem -- they should just go directly to a press conference.
Frankly, I kind of like that approach. Thank you, Justice Alito.

10:40 PM  
Blogger kidsearch said...

Oh you mean small problems like unethical behavior and bribe taking by their superiors should only be taken to their superiors.

I'm sure that if a congressional aid goes to someone like Tom Delay when he was there and said, "You know Tom, I find it highly unethical for you to be taking bribes from that Jack Abramoff fella" That Tom and others like him would just say, "Yeah you are right, I'll just send this money right back to old Jack. He'll understand. And Thank you for pointing out my little lapse in judgement, here's a promotion."

Yeah sure thats what will happen.

11:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:45 PM  

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