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Our Own King George

It just keeps getting worse. This administration has done more to piss people off since King George III of England.

Take a look at what led to the American Revolution.

Bush attacks privacy the way King George opposed taxes.

Bush ignores the geneva convention. Says it doesn't apply to his war.

Bush and Cheney regard torture as a means to gather information totally acceptable.

Bush orders wiretaps on American citizens without the court order from the secret courrt set up for exactly that purpose.

Bush thinks monitoring what books people check out at the library is acceptable.

Bush has had the phone companies assisting the NSA to compile the phone records of US citizens and NOT just those that are suspected of terrorism.

Homeland Security
And now he wants to force ISPs to keep everyone's records on file just in case the government might want to look them over someday. Click the image to read the article.

Our own King George has crossed the line so many times its amazing to me how people can think any of these things can or will stop a terrorist from bombing a bus, a subway train, a car, or anything else.

What is more amazing to me is people's willingness to allow this president to take away their rights by using fear as a tool to convince them that these things are necessary.

For just 30 seconds, just 30, I want you to imagine you are a terrorist. How many ways can you think of to hurt the people around you? Could you really be stopped? Would any of the things our King George is doing stop you if you really were the type of person who wanted to attack America?


If giving these things up actually gave us any real security, then maybe they should be considered, but they don't. All they do is allow the government to have more information on everyone in this country.

Even if you think bush is a great guy and would never use that information in a bad way, just remember, he won't be president after 2008. Do you really want to put all of that information into the hands of Hilary Clinton? John Kerry? Some future president we don't even know of yet?

It seems everyone, at least every neo-con, thinks that anyone who disagrees with King Bush is a traitor to this country, let alone being a traitor to the republican conservative movement.

It is the duty of every patriotic American to question the motives of those they elect to govern them. To be unquestioningly loyal to the government is NOT patriotism.

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