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Rep. Bev Harbin - Bad Checks and Bad Government

Blogger shuts down Web site that mocked legislator

An irreverent local blogger has chosen to give up a Web site making fun of state Rep. Bev Harbin after Harbin threatened to take him to court under the state's law against cybersquatting.

Jon Asato, a tour guide and writer, said he agreed to drop the domain names BevHarbin .com and after Harbin sent him two letters warning of a civil lawsuit. Asato said his Harbin Web site, which had cartoons that likened Harbin to The Incredible Hulk and the Joker character from the movie "Batman," should be protected as free speech.

But he said he did not have the money for a legal fight and instead has posted the cartoons and commentary about his experience on his celebrity gossip Web site, ""

Harbin was appointed in September by Gov. Linda Lingle to fill a House vacancy but was asked to resign after it was discovered she had unpaid state taxes and misdemeanor convictions for writing bad checks. She refused to resign and is running to retain her seat.

The disagreement between Asato and Harbin may seem small in scale but involves a fundamental constitutional right — free speech — and the evolving rights of people to control the use of their names on the Internet.

Asato, in e-mail to The Advertiser, said the legal threats squelched his freedom of speech and caused him to reduce his posts on his other Web sites. He said Harbin used a badly worded state law to bully him.

"There are local political issues that I find incredibly frustrating, but Harbin was the first public official whose arrogance made me say to myself that I had to do something," he said. "Some people join political parties, go to City Council meetings, attend protests — me, I find that being creative is how I best come to terms with life's frustrations."

Harbin said Asato could have confused readers searching for information about her even though his site was for satire. She also wonders why he did not just post the cartoons on one of his other Web sites, like he eventually did anyway.

"They'd rather just sit back and hide behind a computer screen," she said of some bloggers. "They won't come out and scrap."
This is a call to all bloggers who have any balls at all. Hide behind a computer screen? At least we're not out writing bad checks and dodging taxes.

You wanted to be blogged about then you should get your wish Bev. I hope all bloggers who read this make ol Bev a pet project.

Lets find more about Bev harbin;

Harbin refuses gov, won’t resign. Gov. Lingle's chief of staff says the legislator lied by omission and now doubts whether she can work effectively. » Constituents want Harbin out

After Lingle appointed Harbin earlier this month to a state House seat, Harbin was the subject of news reports that she still owed the state $125,000 in back taxes and she had been convicted of passing bad checks in 1987.

Asked why she didn't explain her criminal record, Harbin said she was told the governor would do a criminal history check and nothing was said about her conviction when she was interviewed. "I don't think I lied by omission," Harbin said.

bev hardin
Should I post this woman on my Most Wanted Fugitives Blog

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