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Windows 98 No Longer Supported by Microsoft

I didn't switch from windows 3.1 to windows 95 until I was forced to. I didn't switch to windows 98 until I was forced to. Now I suppose I will have to switch to windows XP just as microsoft is about to release vista.

The software companies really have it good don't they? Think if car manufacturers got the same privileges as they got.

Yes, we are now releasing the new mustang version 07. Mechanics will no longer work on your old 2006 mustang. Or at the very least, we will no longer be producing parts for your mustang version 06.

Realplayer is even worse. I bought realplayer G2. When realplayer came out with a new version they not only did not provide support for realplayer G2, they disabled it so it will no longer play realplayer media files.

That is like buying the 06 mustang and when the 07 comes out, your 06 mustang stops working altogether.

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