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NameCritic About Anonymous Cowards

by Chris McElroy aka NameCritic

It amazes me how someone goes on the web and figures they can remain anonymous. They can for a short time, but it always comes out who they are in the long run.

They attack you by posting anonymous blogs because they are cowards. Nothing they say can be taken seriously since they refuse to put their name on it.

If they fear persecution, like someone who lives in a communist country who is talking about their government, then posting anonymously is the only thing they can do.

But here I am talking about anonymous cowards who just get mad at someone and start posting lies about that person.

It happened to me recently and is still going on. I'm a big boy. I can handle it. They believe they can hurt me, but in reality they are just jealous little peons who wish they had something better to do with their time.

I probably pissed the little weasels off somewhere down the line and they attack anonymously. I guess they are afraid of me. I did not realize I was such a scary dude.

I'm not really that scary. They are just that cowardly. They know they tell lies, so they remain anonymous. They know they can't back anything they say up with fact, so they post anonymously. They are scared to face me? That's what really makes me laugh.

If you are going to attack someone's character, do it in the open, under your own name. If you don't, anything you say is as worthless as your pathetic life.

If you are reading this and one of the people I am talking to, come on and comment out in the open. I'll publicly debate you on anything you have to say. Of course you won't. You are an anonymous coward.

by Chris McElroy aka NameCritic

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NameCritic Tips on Reputation Management

These days managing your reputation on the web is important. There are more and more unethical companies who use tactics to destroy their competitors reputation rather than compete with them honestly.

Individuals do it to other individuals as well. It's ok. It's freedom of speech. Unless they are lying about you. People having the ability to post anonymously is great for people who fear reprisals, such as people who live in a country where you can go to jail for criticizing the government. That is why it is important to have the ability not to post your identity.

However, this protection also gets used by those who want to hide because they know they are doing something illegal, unethical, or immoral. The term "anonymous coward" then applies to them.

I can understand a whistle blower, who really may be hurt by posting their identity, posting anonymously. However, people who want to expose something should make sure that everything they are writing is factual, not just libel.

But many people don't care if they slander someone's reputation whether it is true or not. They believe they are protected by being anonymous.

Got news for you. Your ISP, Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc., do not care to protect you as much as you think. A simple request from law enforcement can give your identity to anyone willing to pursue you in court. So go ahead. Think that you are anonymous. Think you can say anything you like about anyone. When you find yourself in court, do not be so shocked though.

In addition to that, you also leave footprints that many people can follow. If you get someone like that looking for you, you will probably wish they were taking you to court instead.

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