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Political Crooks

What is this trend that politicians even when caught red-handed taking bribes and committing other illegal acts refuse to step down from office?

You have congressmen taking bribes with the FBI videotaping them and raiding the congressman's office and finding the evidence. The response; You can't do that to me! Give that bribe money and the evidence back! You have no right! I'm an elected official!

You have delay who took forever to give up his position even though there are several ethical oif not illegal activities on his part.

And now In a sharp rebuke, the City Council of San Jose, Calif., formally asked the city's mayor to resign Wednesday, just days after he was arraigned on fraud, bribery and conspiracy charges. The mayor, Ron Gonzales, rejected the request for his resignation.

Politicians have been doing underhanded business and taking bribes for so long they have come to believe it is their right to do so and seem totally shocked that anyone would actually object to them continuing a criminal enterprise.

They seem to actually think they are supposed to take bribes.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

They do it because they are allowed to get away with it...simple as that.

9:50 PM  

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