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Ann Coulter: Shock Publicity

Ann Coulter: Still Bomb N.Y. Times

Ann Coulter, whose book, "Godless, The Church of Liberalism," has reached runaway best-seller status, won’t back down on comments made about bombing the New York Times main office building in Manhattan.

Coulter’s comments are reverberating around the journalism world. This weekend, Editor & Publisher magazine featured this story: "Coulter Affirms Prevous Statement About Bombing 'NYT' Office.”
First she says the widows of people who died on 9-11 are enjoying their husband's deaths and she has made other statements like bombing the NY Times.

ann coulter book

All she is doing is selling books and selling out. She doesn't care about conservative causes or anything else except money. Ann Coulter cares about Ann Coulter.

No one should take her or her comments seriously simply because she is a bimbo out to make a buck. This latest book by Ann Coulter is to the publishing world what street-walking is to the real world. Ho, Ho, Ho, and I'm not talking about Santa.

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