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White Collar Crime

Now this just pisses me off! Why don't they just call it "Rich People Crime". When people who are rich and run big corporations and break the law, it's called white collar crime. These guys seldom get convicted. When they do it's a country club prison complete with golf course, conjugal visits, and tennis.

Big corporations corrupt our government in so many ways it's pathetic.

1. the system has made it so it takes hundreds of millions of dollars to run for office. The only place they can get that money is from corporations. So the corporations control who gets elected.

2. They are allowed to "lobby" politicians. In other words, take them on trips, wine and dine them, give them gifts, buy up thousands of copies of books the politicians write that wouldn't sell otherwise so they can be on the best seller list, and a lot of other things they shouldn't be allowed to do.

3. They offer them jobs for later when they are no longer in office. Cheney best example. Sec. of Defense under Reagan. Gave Haliburton billions in "no-bid contracts". Became CEO of Haliburton when left office. Now is VP under Bush. Haliburton gets billions in "no-bid contracts. The ex heads of agencies that are supposed to protect us from corporations routinely get these types of jobs after serving in the best interest of the corporations instead of doing their jobs and protecting us from them. Places like the FCC, FTC, EPA, and even the SEC. They get appointed by a politician that got campaign funds from the industry they are supposed to be overseeing assuring that an industry friendly person will be appointed. Then they proceed to help that industry do whatever they want. Then they go to work for one of the companies they were to protect us from. Anyone see anything wrong with that picture?

So, since government participates with these corporations in the crimes they commit or change laws for them so what they are doing won't be a crime, how can we expect they will EVER be the ones to clean it up?

Until we have election reform to take away the need for hundreds of millions of dollars to get elected we can't seperate the big corporations from their pocket politicians. Until we take away the ability for politicians to gain financially from catering to the big corporations we cannot stop what is happening to our country. These corporations do not care about you and me. The politicians do not care about you or me.

Until we do something, you and me, they are going to continue to take our tax dollars, hand it over to the corporations, and let them keep buying more mansions while employing less and less of the very americans who gave them the tax dollars in the first place.

Man, they have it so good. The corporations have our government in their pocket, they have our tax dollars in their pocket, and they don't have to give anything back and pay a smaller % back in taxes than you or I. Then when they do cross the line, they get to keep their illegally-made money and spend a little time in a federal country club. If you or I steal money we get sent to a real prison!

If that doesn't piss you off nothing will ever wake you up!

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