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Can you really reach deep inside yourself and reconcile these facts?

The fact that people and the media do nothing to put these issues together as a whole plan just pisses me off!

Bush family in the oil and energy business since the 50s.
Cheney in the oil construction business.
Texaco named a tanker after Condeleeza Rice.
The bush family has the same oil business interests as the saudi royal family.
We are attacking an oil producing country that would not do business with the bush family interests or the saudi companies.
Cheney as secretary of defense under reagan gave billions of no-bid contracts to haliburton.
Cheney became ceo of haliburton receiving millions of dollars in compensation.
Cheney as VP under bush, haliburton gets billions in no-bid contracts.
15 of 19 hijackers were saudis.
The saudi royal family gave money to the 911 hijackers.
Bush refused to allow investigation of saudis in relation to 911.
Sept. 12th no americans allowed to fly, but saudi families including the bin laden family allowed to fly that day.
One of Bush's former cabinet members reveals that Bush planned to invade Iraq in February of 2001, months before 911.
Bush refers to 911 when talking about the Iraq war as if it were not planned before then and as if the two were related even though he has admitted there is no direct link between 911 and Iraq.
Afganistan had the Taliban and Osama Bin Laden and Al Queda. Bin Laden was directly tied to the attacks on 911.
Afganistan has a much larger population than Iraq.
We spend about 10% of the funds approved for the war on terrorism in Afghanistan and 90% of them in Iraq.

Can you really take all that together and tell me nothing is wrong here? Can you really believe that the war in Iraq is about Terrorism? Can you read this and tell me Bush is doing what is best for our country? Can you really beieve the Saudis had nothing to do with 911? Can you really believe that Bush's primary goal is going after the terrorists that toppled the twin towers on 911?

This is not a conspiracy theory. The above are facts. I simply stated them all together in the same place to see if you can still convince yourself we should support bush and his war on Iraq. And if you can still support the war with Iraq, can you still convince yourself that it has ANYTHING AT ALL to do with 911 and that it has NOTHING to do with oil company profits?

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