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Ok new topic - illegal aliens

This just pisses me off the more I think about it!

The big corporations want cheap labor. That's the bottom line. It's not about anyone's right to work. It's not about being politically correct. They want cheap labor and they buy off governments and do whatever they have to do to get it.

It used to be "made in america" by americans, meant something. But no, the corporations had to pay union wages. we can't have that. These ceo's can't buy their 14th mansion if workers have to be paid a decent wage.

So the corporations get nafta passed so there are no penalties to building their factories in countries with cheap labor and importing their products to the US where they can sell them to americans they no longer employ.

Then that wasn't good enough. Why have to move at all? We can just outsource everything to foreign labor and remain right here in the US and reap the benefits here without having to pay american workers what they deserve.

That still isn't good enough. The corporations want all that and more. For the factories and operations they don't want to move to other countries they want to be able to hire people from other countries and have them come here to work.

So they pay off our elected crooks and will get their way again. Soon they won't have to worry about any penalties for hiring illegal aliens. The penalties they do get cost them less than what it would cost to pay americans to do the same jobs. So it's cost effective to operate outside the laws until they can get them changed.

They like to say illegal aliens take the jobs americans don't want. Bullshit. They take jobs at a wage americans won't accept because americans know better and americans have bills to pay to the very corporations that are giving their jobs away!

What they want to do and are doing is creating an atmosphere where americans will be forced to compete with illegals for jobs at the lower wages or not work at all. It's legalized slavery they are attempting to create and americans won't wake up and smell the coffee and thats what really pisses me off.

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