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A Fairy Tale?

Once upon a time . . . There was a dictator named Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He was a very bad man. He killed his own people and tortured anyone who disagreed with him. There are many bad dictators running similar countries, but that's to be ignored here, because this is about the Bad Man called Saddam. This bad man also had lots and lots of oil. You know how important oil is don't you? Good. I knew you did.

There was also another bad man nearby in Afghanistan named osama. He's from saudi arabia, but was living in afghanistan because they allowed terrorists there.

Now way way across the world there was a man who wanted to be President of the US sooooo bad that he manipulated votes and got the supreme court to make him president. His name was Bush. Now this man Bush's family was in the oil business too. You remember we talked about oil? good.

Now remember the bad man saddam? Well he refused to do oil business with the bush family and their friends the saudis. He just would not play nice no matter what they did. They gave him all kinds of toys, like biological weapons to use on Iran, because Iran was even worse than saddam. He still wouldn't play nice with the bushes and the saudis. He sold his oil to the russians and french and germans instead.

So when bush got into his new office he called on all his classmates and they decided that if saddam wouldn't share and play nice they would just go take all his oil away from him. They made their plans, but were not sure that americans would approve so they waited.

Then the saudis, bush's friends got an idea. If we did something really terrible to america and blamed it some other really bad man like saddam, then americans would approve of them and bush going and taking away saddam's oil. So they contacted one of their own really bad men named osama. You remember I mentioned him before.

So on sept. 11th, 2001, planes crashed into the twin towers in new york. The hijackers of the planes were mostly saudi's and the money to finance them came from the saudi's, but since their friend bush was president, they could hide that from the americans and still blame it on the bad man, saddam.

So they did and bush could now convince everyone saddam was a bad man and he helped attack america, so he sent all our boys and girls in the military to war in Afghanistan first to get rid of osama so he couldn't tell anyone what really happened. Unfortunately they couldn't find him. He was hiding and still is. So bush sent the troops on to the real target, Iraq, leaving some troops behind to look for osama.

Our boys and girls are a very talented group, they were able to take over Iraq in just 2 weeks! Bush went on tv and had a party on an aircraft carrier. He even got to play dress up. He went as a real pilot. He even had a big banner hanging that said "Mission Accomplished". Hooray for bush and the saudis.

But then the other bad man, osama, who didn't know all about the plan that the saudis had, like turning iraq into a democracy, decided that he wanted it to be like afghanistan where they allow terrorists. He wanted to keep killing americans whether the saudis and bush liked it or not. So Osama gathered all his classmates from al queda school for terrorism and sent them to Iraq to fight the americans.

And, boys and girls, thats where they are today. Our boys and girls are being killed in Iraq by terrorists and by iraqis who don't want us there. They didn't like the bad man saddam, but now that he's gone they want us to go home, so they help the other bad man osama. But bush and the saudis didn't plan it this way. They were just going to grab the bad man's oil and go home. Now they have to stay to make sure they get the oil before they can go.

Thats the end of the story for today boys and girls. Tommorrow maybe we can talk about how bush fooled the americans into having senior citizens buy all there drugs from the pharmaceutical companies without the ability to bargain for better prices or maybe I can tell you the story about how he wants the bad men on wallstreet to have all our social security money.

But for now boys and girls I suggest you do your homework so you'll know "The rest of the Story".

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