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Michael Jackson

Now this really pisses me off. Not just michael. We know he's a pedophile. Cmon. Where there is that much smoke there IS fire.

Running a missing children's organization brings me close to children who have been sexually molested and their families. If you knew the devastation this causes you would be pissed off too!

1st I'm pissed off that because mj is a celebrity he thinks it's ok for him to do what he wants to children. He thinks he is somehow special. Get a clue mj, you are nothing but a child molestor.

2nd I'm pissed off because our justice system isn't good enough to handle high profile trials such as those with celebrities and corporate giants. They get special treatment and no one with any sence of decency can claim otherwise.

3rd I'm pissed off that people worship celebrities like mj SO MUCH that they will continue to support him no matter what he does. Same with Kobe Bryant and OJ and Martha Stewart too.

Even IF mj had been proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, there are fans that would have just said "oh but this is michael jackson we're talking about. he didn't mean to hurt those children. he loves them." or "he didn't understand he was doing anything wrong. he's been so sheltered."

These same fans wouldn't have wanted him to be punished. That's just sick and wrong!

4th I'm pissed off at the parents who let their children stay with him knowing even that he MIGHT BE A PEDOPHILE! Do you let your children stay overnight with a grown man who even MIGHT be a pedophile? One who says he thinks it's ok to sleep with children?

The parents should be jailed even before mj!

what do you think?

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