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Still no end in sight for our soldiers

Still no exit strategy for our soldiers to come home. Many are on their 4th year soon. Our president said no soldier would have to serve in Iraq for more than one year. Why isn't he accountable for this lie?

No weapons of mass destruction or biological weapons found in iraq. Bush said he had proof there was. He lied. Why can't we hold him accountable for this lie?

The Bush Family has business connections with the saudis. Bush would not allow ANY investigation of the saudis role in the attacks on 9-11. That is a direct conflict of interest issue. 15 of 19 hijackers were saudis. All were muslims who believe in the extreme violent part of the muslim religion that the saudis fervently support throughout the world. The saudi princess gave money to the hijackers. These are all very legitimate reasons to include the saudis in any investigation of 9-11. Bush blocked that investigation. That is tantamount to obstruction of justice. Why can't we hold him accountable?

He has repeatedly pushed measures that reward the rich in this country and that reward corporations, even those who engaged in illegal accounting scams and other crimes. Worldcom got a 750 million dollar fine for their misdeeds. Bush gave worldcom a no-bid 750 million dollar contract to work on communications in Iraq. Work which has still not actually been done. Why can't we hold bush accountable for rewarding lawbreakers with no-bid contracts?

He pushed the bill that has seniors getting their drugs through a government sponsored HMO and that made it so that HMO cannot use the bargaining power of all those seniors to negotiate better prices with the pharmaceutical companies. They can charge what they want and the law says we cannot negotiate with them. A basic rule of commerce. The ability to bargain for better prices when buying quantity. Why can't people see bush did this as a reward to big corporations and a detriment to our senior citizens?

He changed the estate tax to the death tax to convince the public it hurts poor people too. If your wealth is not over 3 million dollars eliminating the estate/death tax DOES NOT HELP YOU.

He wants to turn over our social security to the very same wallstreet professionals who helped the corporations bilk people out of their 401ks and other retirement benefits. Merrill Lynch, Bank of America, and others were proved to have participated in these scams, paid their fines and now they want us to trust them with social security?

With all the corporate scandals exposed recently, how many more are to come? Not many, because bush is fixing that too. He recently appointed a new head of the SEC. This man's sole qualification is that he made the statement, "I believe there are currently too many restrictions on corporations." Translated means; Instead of prosecuting more of these corporations, we are just gonna make these illegal things they are doing legal instead.

Bush has done absolutely nothing that benefits the poor. He has hurt the environment. He has rewarded criminals. He has done everything he can to help big multi-national corporations, He has done everything to reward the rich. Worst of all, we know he willfully lied to the American public to do what he wanted to do in the first place. He planned the attack on Iraq long before 9=11. he used 9-11 to justify his actions even though it has been proven Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. Bush has yet to own up to even one mistake or false statement since he has been in office. It's time he is held accountable for his actions.

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