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Press 1 for English

Well, so far today, nothing has pissed me off enough to write about it. Maybe I'll make it through the entire day without running into stupid people or hearing about the latest bush lie or won't have to . . . oops.

Then it hits me. I was on the dam phone while I was typing this and the recording said "If you want to hear this recording in ENGLISH, press one!"


I should never have to press any button to get something in english! English is the language we speak in this country. I don't care how many illegals come into this country and get pardons and asylum from gw bush, WE SPEAK ENGLISH!

If you can't grasp that concept . . . GET OUT!

If you are from another country, you are not here to bring your culture, mannerisms, ways of life to us. You are here because our culture and opportunities are better than in the country you came from. Assimilate. Learn how to be an american. Quit trying to teach us how to fit in with you or trying to show that we need to learn YOUR language.

No I don't need to learn spanish, portuguese, italian, chinese, japenese, or any other eses and ishes. I speak english because I live in the US. When I lived in other countries I learned their culture and at least enough of their language to get by without insulting them by trying to make them learn mine. I was in their country and respected that.

I am so tired of people thinking that it is racist to want people who move here to try and fit in here. If they didn't like the way we live here, didn't like to speak english, didn't want to become americans, then why the hell do they come. Yes my ancestors were also newcomers to this country. But they learned how to be americans. They did not try to force their way of life on americans who were already here. When in rome and all that.

If you are offended by this then you are probably exactly who I'm talking about.

So much for a whole day without having to confront stupidity. This just pissed me off!

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