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The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and some other well-funded organizations with Missing Children in the title, this is for you. I have a huge objection to putting out falsified statistics. The NCMEC and Wal-Mart put out the impression that the pictures posted in Wal-Mart Stores has lead to finding 134 missing children.

While I think Wal-Mart is doing a very good thing by posting these pictures, I challenge either the National Center or Wal-Mart to give me exact details of each of the cases they claim responsibility for solving. There are other organizations along with the NCMEC that claim to have found children also. Yet they have no search team, they do not in their own words participate directly in the search for these children, and cannot produce documentation on but 1 or 2 cases.

Here is how it works. A child is reported missing to the police. The police are SUPPOSED to report it to the National Crime Information Center immediately if the child is 12 or younger. When it is reported to the NCIC, it goes into the database at the NCMEC. They post it on their website.

Let's say right after the child is reported to NCIC by police, they find the child playing in the park. NCMEC immediately claims THEY have recovered another missing child. The way they word it is xxxx number of children found. That way they aren't actually LYING. They are simply implying they had something to do with finding the missing child.

For this they get 20 million a year in our tax dollars to run a really good website and to try to make ther public feel secure in the knowledge that they exist and that our government by funding them really cares about missing children.

The Kidsearch Network is not government funded. They have no grant money from big corporations, yet they have an actual SEARCH TEAM that does participate directly in the search for missing children. The Kidsearch Network has found 22 missing and abducted children by actually going our and LOOKING for them! They have participated in more than 50 other searches where the child was found safe and sound, but they were actually found by the police, not by KSN Volunteers or the search team. So they simply state they have found 22 missing children found due to their search team. What a concept. Actual numbers for actual results.

Of course something like that will never get them government funding. Our government hates efficiency and accountability.

The Kidsearch Network needs your help to fund this effort. They are trying to go nationwide and show the NCMEC how it's actually done in the trenches instead of being done from behind some glass windowed building somewhere.

Help them!

Please click here to donate whatever you can to help us find more missing children

Click here to go to the Forum about missing children

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