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When is it gonna end? This just pisses me off! Gas prices. We invade Iraq and gas goes up? Good going there GW! Of course since the Bush family is involved in oil. Since Cheney is involved in oil. Since Rumsfeldt is involved in oil. Since Condeleeza Rice is involved in oil. There's a tanker named "The Condeleeza Rice". Don't look for the prices to come down under the current regime in the US.

In the 70's there was the "oil shortage" and rationing, yet I was working on boats that served the oil rigs at that time and every single night I saw flares where they were burning the excess oil they were pumping out of the gulf. When I asked about it, I was told they were only allowed to produce so much per day and had to burn anything over that amount. They created that oil shortage and I suspect they are doing the same now.

They piss me off, but so do you SUV drivers! You are the ones who may gas expensive for the rest of us. If there is a true shortage it's due to people who are wasteful. I think they should charge you for gas according to what you drive. If you drive a gas guzzler, you don't care anyway so you pay 4 bucks a gallon. Someone drives an economy car like a GEO, pays a buck a gallon. Now there's a fair way to charge for gas!

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Anonymous mikee said...

well how do those falling gas prices tasted, like crow?

10:42 AM  
Blogger kidsearch said...

Talk to me when the gas prices drop below what they were BEFORE the Iraq War.

If I raise your price on anything by $5000 and then discount it by $2500 you would be grateful simply because you didn't know the joke was on you all the time.

10:58 AM  

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