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Corporations Gone Wild

Okay, this really pisses me off. Large companies seem to have lost the old addage "the customer is always right" and any lost all memory of how to provide customer service.

The other day, I was talking with a phone company. Yes, that task that everyone hates to do, but this wasn't about my bill or anything of that nature. This was about getting a different provider for my braodband service.

Now, I went through all of the technical parameters and the pricing structure and was just about to sign up and the guy says, oh by the way, one thing we haven't talked about is the $100 activation fee to open your account.

Ruh Roh . . . I told the guy to get his boss. I told his boss, "I currently have braodband service and was thinking of switching over to you and becoming a customer and NOW YOU WANT ME TO PAY YOU FOR THE PRIVILIGE OF GIVING YOU MONEY EVERY MONTH?"

Companies seem to think they are doing us a favor by allowing us to be customers and give them money.

And now the music industry has decided that they want you to buy their products, but they want to tell you how and when you can do that.

First they complain that people are downloading our songs for free and the music industry, the RIAA, is trying to protect the poor struggling artists so we're going to go out and sue 12-year-old kids who downl;oad music for free.

Then, with the help of iPod and others they begin to get people to start paying for those downloads. Hooray!

Now, through their ultimate wisdom, they have decided that it won't be avbailable for download until after it's been in the music store for awhile because downloading is causing cd sales to fall.

What idiots run the music industry? cds are going to be obsolete in the near future. The future is downloaded music you morons. All you've done now is encouraged people top buy the cd, make copies and be the first to distribute it online free. You just shot yourself in the foot record company morons.

I don't always do a lot of namecalling, but this stuff is priceless!

by Chris McElroy
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