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Bush and the Dubai Connection

As usual, the bushh administration wants to have everything both ways. First the evil arab countries are fostering terrorism, then it's okay to have them manage our ports.

We should fear, fear, fear, the arab terrorists! cries the george. However, letting them run our ports, which the george has said need more security, is okay, by golly.

No, the dubai company won't be in charge of security, but they will know every aspect of that security, including any changes made to it due to intelligence gathering. The ease in which a terrorist organization could get that info from a fellow arab makes it criminal negligence to allow them to be in possession of that information.

You can't have it both ways oh george of the neanderthals. Fear, Fear, Fear! then business, business, business. It seems george will cater to big corporations as usual, even those in countries that harbor, sponsor, or facilitate terrorists. The valued bottom line will be given top priority by bush even when it supercedes national security.

If that was not clear in his dealings with the saudis, it should now be as crystal clear to us, as our port security will soon be to the terrorists.

by Chris McElroy


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