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Bush's Foriegn Policy Report Card

Let's review whats going on around the world where Bush and Condi are exercizing their foreign policy.

Iraq is having some success. They've held some elections. The Sunnis seem to be becoming part of the government, although the Kurds don't seem to be making much headway. With the difficulty factor, I'll give them a C here. They may have gotten an B, however they have allowed Ahmad Chalabi, who we know passed secrets to Iran while advising GW Bush on WMDs in Iraq, to be a bigshot in Iraq's government.

Afghanistan They have had elections, but can't even control the warlords there and the government really only governs Kabul, rather than the whole country. Bush made commitments here that he hasn't kept. 80% of the war on terror money meant to be used to chase Osama and the terrorists down has been diverted to Iraq. Bush and Condi get a D- here.

Palestine Well, a known terrorist group now runs that country. F

Haiti Democracy here is completely falling apart. the capital, Port-au-Prince, is virtually paralyzed by kidnappings, spreading panic among rich and poor alike. Corrupt police officers in uniform have assassinated people on the streets in the light of day. The chaos is so extreme and the interim government so dysfunctional that voting to elect a new one has already been delayed four times. The latest date is Feb. 7.

The Bush administration has said that while Mr. Aristide was deeply flawed, its policy was always to work with him as Haiti's democratically elected leader.

But the administration's actions in Haiti did not always match its words. Interviews and a review of government documents show that a democracy-building group close to the White House, and financed by American taxpayers, undercut the official United States policy and the ambassador assigned to carry it out. Another F.

South America Not a country but a continent that is vital to national security of the US. While Communist China has gained major ground in South America, our influence has diminished under this administration. Give Bush and Condi a generous D.

Russia Bush started out strong with inviting Putin out to the ranch for a barbeque and things deteriorated from there. No support for the war on terror, no real effort to get them to quit selling arms to Iran, no mention of human rights violations there, and other issues. Give Bush a C.

France Bush gets an F here but who cares? I'll use a grading curve here and give him an A just because I'm glad he pissed them off after they didn't let us use their air space when we went after Quadafi.

Germany Not being able to get their cooperation wasn't that big of a deal, so I'll let Bush slide with a C.

North Korea Bush and Condi claimed that Iraq had WMDs and that they were a huge threat to the US, while North Korea was proven to have nukes and Bush did nothing about that threat, even though they not only have nukes they have the means to send them over to us. An F.

Iran Iran feels the Bush threats are weak. They see we can't even get a hold on Iraq after we invaded it. They see we don't have enough troops to go after them at the same time. They are challenging bush by continuing their nuke program. Give Bush an F.

Syria See explanation for Iran minus the nukes. F.

Before you bush lovers complain that this is unfair, remember who we're talking about here. I doubt this is worse than the report card he got in school unless the teachers were afraid of his daddy or his nanny did his homework for him.

by Chris McElroy
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