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Patriot Act Passed Despite Concerns

Read this post from slashdot

The author makes a valid point. It's aqn outright lie to say "Pass this now and we will all fix it later". That's the first of the two congressional biggest lies. The other is, "This law is only temporary".

Anytime you hear your senator or other politician tell you either of those two lies, you should know what is going to happen.

Also, adding drug enforcement to the patriot act was seen coming by yours truly here at things that just piss me off. Soon those laws you supported to be used against terrorists will be used against the drug problem as well. Then those great wiretap laws meant for terrorists will be used for something else, then something else, until the government will have the right to invade anyone's privacy anytime they please.

If that is not true, then point out what the addition of the drug portion of the new patriot act has to do with terrorism.

Give your government an inch, they will take a mile. Give up ANY portion of your freedom or privacy for security and you will have neither in the long run. You can't say, well this is okay as long as they don't take it any further, because the government ALWAYS takes it further once you give in to the intitial infringement on your rights. If you do not believe that is true, you have never studied history.

by Chris McElroy


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