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ICANN - Verisign Spin Doctors

ICANN signs a deal with Verisign that in effect gives them a monopoly over the .com TLD and now they want to make it sound as if there is great support for the project. They name some registrars that are for the agreement. I would wager if you did a little research into the ownership of those registrars who support it, you might find they benefit from the agreement in some way.

Click here for the article spinning it in favor of the agreement

Click here to see GoDaddy's argument against it

ICANN didn't just agree that giving Verisign a monopoly was a good idea. Verisign sued them into submission. When the organization that is supposed to govern the Internet is too cowardly to face up to large corporations and begins to bow to corporate power, then the free Internet is dead.

ICANN was captured by Intellectual Property and Corporate Interests from the very beginning and what many of us said this would lead to is coming true.

They were supposed to represent the INDIVIDUAL USERS of the Internet. They were to reach ALL decisions from a BOTTOM-UP CONSENSUS. Their original board was supposed to serve for just one year, then hold elections.

They have done NONE of those things. They did hold one election. Karl Auerbach was elected. He, as a board member, had to sue them just so he could look at the books. They did not like having elected representation and have avoided it since then

The current members have bowed to corporate control. That is plain and simple. It is also in violation of the mandate that created them and even the bylaws they voted on. They simply make the appearance of representing the public.

If they wished to represent individual users, then why have they done the following;

1. They have withdrawn the original mandate that board members be elected.

2. They have shut down the General Assembly, which was the constituency for individual users on the Internet and through which, elections were held and public comment aqnd consensus was sought and obtained.

3. They have shut down the DNSO, (Domain Name Supporting Organization), because the members there supported bottom up consensus, individual representation by the board, elections, and a constituency to be created for Individual Users to be represented on the board of directors, and supported a constituency of domain name owners with board representation. Because this group did not give the recommendations that ICANN's board wanted, it was shut down and replaced by a GNSO that is more compliant with their wishes.

Any serious examination of decisions made by ICANN or WIPO will reveal the intent to hand over the Internet to corporations and give individual users no say in how the Internet evolves. These corporations did not help create the Internet and most of them thought it was a passing fad. Individuals made the Internet great, now the Corporate powers that be want to cash in on it without any input from it's creators.

by Chris McElroy
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