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Bonds? - Baseball Players? - Steroids? - Say it ain't so!

Baseball Players testifying before congress saying they have never used steroids, then finding out they do use steroids? Wow, are you shocked or what?

You have Sammy Soza and corked bats, well of course he didn't KNOW it was a corked bat. You have Bonds and others saying we don't use steroids or as Canseco says, he accidentally sat on the needle or whatever. You believe these guys?

Whenever someone breaks records these days in baseball, you have to wonder if they cheated to do it. As far as I'm concerned any record set in baseball in the past twenty years is suspect.

Is it my fault I feel that way? Is it the League's fault? Is it the players' fault? Whoever is at fault, it is a reality. Baseball records and records in other sports as well have become something you cheat to get. Right now, I'm talking about baseball.

They kick Pete Rose out, but allow all this other bs to continue? Put Pete Rose in the hall of fame or ban barry bonds, canseco, soza and others who actually cheated.

The latest revelations just perpetuate the idea that it's a bunch of spoiled millionaires who go on strike whenever they want more and more money and who use steroids and corked bats to break world records. The decline of baseball continues. I'm through paying any money out to watch this bunch of spoiled millionaires cheat to get attention.

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by Chris McElroy
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Blogger The Gifted One said...

I agree 100%! Charlie Hustle deserves his place in Ohio and it's about time that the powers that be allow him in.

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5:58 PM  

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