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Chinese go around ICANN and sell their own domain names

The policies that ICANN has are causing them to become obsolete. It is very unfortunate that the board of directors at ICANN are slow to respond to the needs of the international community, completely unresponsive to the needs of individual users of the Internet, and so heavily weighed down by corporate and intellectual property interests.

They are making themselves obsolete by becoming yet another regulatory body that has been captured by corporations. The FCC, the FDA, the FTC, the EPA, and others before them have set the tone, but ICANN is more blatant about it. They are supposed to run things transparently, but the only thing that is transparent is that what the coporations want, they get.

More countries are going to follow China's example and users will be sensored, content will be filtered out, and instead of a world wide web, there will be a fractured series of smaller networks that your content may or may not reach.

The fault lies solely at Vint Cerf's feet along with his fellow cronies on the ICANN Board. For the whole article on China's Domain Name System, Click Here.

by Chris McElroy
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