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12/14/05 Writers are totally Brain-Dead

These idiots at are so far out in right field they can't even see home plate. They claim democrats are the conspiracy theorists when it's the neocons that spout bs conspiracy all the time.

First, they say anyone who is not for the war in Iraq are committing treason and now all of the media that does not support the4 war are all connected to AlQueda.

This is one of todays articles at

But it seems that this particular nominee, one Dorrance Smith, a former television producer who was an adviser to former ambassador Paul Bremer in Iraq, once said that extremists like Osama bin Laden (On the Web) have "a partner in Al-Jazeera, and by extension, most (television) networks in the U.S."

Senator Levin objected that Smith's article, which appeared in the Wall Street Journal in April, was "really over the top, unfair, and not something which I believe should be the attitude of the representative of the Department of Defense."

Well. No wonder the Democrats are complaining that they aren't being let in on the good secrets. Carl Levin is the leading Democrat on the Senate Armed Services Committee, and he doesn't even know that the U.S. television networks are in cahoots with Al-Jazeera, airing videos of hostages fed to them by terrorists trying to make a name for themselves.

So he has gone off to "consult with his colleagues" about whether to put a hold on the nomination, which would delay it a week until Bush can make a recess appointment when the Senators go home for Christmas.

Total fantasy land for these guys. I continue to be amazed by the sheer lack of intellect all gathered at one website.

More things that just piss me off


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