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Would Jesus use Torture?

I have a couple of questions for those in the Christian Right who backed and still back President GW Bush. I'm a Christian asking these questions to other Christians.

1. Did religious leaders in this country back bush because they truly believed he was saved or was that wishful thinking or justification used to back him for other reasons?

2. Did the fact that bush proposed freeing up federal money for religious institutions have anything at all with church and religious leaders backing him for president?

3. Do you believe that GOD, through the church has the purpose of teaching people what is right and what is wrong, so that people can come to Jesus willingly, as he stated his desire in the bible?

4. Can you find passages in the new testament that say you should let the government regulate GOD's Law? Or do the passages state that people are to choose to worship GOD willingly and that Christians were to spread the word and educate everyone so they can make their own decision?

5. Did Paul lobby governments to pass laws so that people would not sin or did he teach the people right and wrong and teach them about Jesus so they would choose to follow him?

6. Do you believe that you should be different from Paul, that you should get the government to pass laws that regulate what people should do rather than teach people why they should follow GOD?

7. Do you believe GOD so weak that you need governments to do his work for him?

8. Are you saying that the church, with GOD's support cannot get people to follow the teachings of Christ, so you must get governments to do it for you? Or is it just too much of a bother to take on the task of spreading the word and much easier to just get the government to regulate it?

9. Do you believe that Churches were built with the purpose of advocating for or against politicians? Do you believe the Church or the Temple was created so that it could get involved in governments? When you read the old testament about the building of the Temple for the LORD, which verses say the priests or the congregation should get involved in the politics of the country in which the Temple is located in?

10. Do you believe the Church is confined to US Law or do you believe the Church is not bound by any country's borders?

11. Do you believe Man's Law is above GOD's Law? GOD had the churches built to teach people about GOD's Law, right or wrong?

12. Do you think that getting the government to pass a law against something we know to be a sin will save people's souls, or do you believe that GOD's Law cannot be regulated by governments?

13. Considering how Jesus was tortured, then crucified, would he advocate the use of torture, even for those who sin against you? If your answer is no, Jesus would have said "Forgive them for they know not what they do", then how can you support a President who advocates torture of those who sinned against the US?

I'm asking you to think. That's all.

Last question: Do you believe in what Jesus taught us to do and what GOD created the Church for, or do you think that we should leave our hopes for humanity in the hands of a government?

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