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Now, I know a lot of people are pissed off at this one. You go to a website. It offers to scan your computer for free for registry-related problems, etc. It installs a ton of files onto your computer, including about 185 registry entries.

Some of the websites install the program just by you visiting their website. Some when you click no, it really means yes, install the program. Then they disable the browsers back button to trap you there.

These people at winfixer claim to be legitimate businesspeople. No legitimate businessperson would or should ever use these tactics to sell their product.

Anything that "tricks" a user into downloading malicious programs should be illegal and probably there are laws that can be applied. Law Enforcement is just not tech savvy enough yet to apply them. Then you have the problem that many of these companies are located in countries where we can't touch them and those countries are not going to cooperate or they are even less tech-savvy.

What I believe some of these programs are doing is this; You click a link to go to website.

The program slows your browser down to send the info about the website to the software vendor and their clients.

Using keyword technology, it scans the website before you get there and using keywords from that website, creates a popup to sell you something.

They don't want you to buy from the website you are going to, they want you to buy something through them so they can receive a commission.

The people that run kazaa got caught doing that very thing. They claim is was installing their affiliate code into links by sheer accident. They never meant to do that.

Based on the keywords you type into a search engine or the keywords on a webpage you are going to, it gives you a popup when certain keywords are matched in their system to sell you something.

They call this trageted marketing and claim it's a legitimate way to market products.

Companies are being allowed to gather more private information than you would even allow your government to collect. Because they are google, microsoft, AOL, or other big names you trust them more than you do the government? I don't trust either one being able to know any more about me than I directly tell them about me.

Private companies are no more trustworthy than the government. What would you say if you knew the government was monitoring each website you go to? Would this alarm you? But it doesn't alarm you that you are allowing these companies and individuals, some who are in foreign countries, to monitor you? If not, you should be.

I urge people to write their congressman and push for legislation that prohibits the gathering of user information in the background on people's computers. Also that it push legislation that ANY website or software that installs tracking software or malicious programs onto your computer be criminally and civilly liable. And that there are laws passed that make these software companies use plain language and upfront, easily understood disclaimers about everything they are about to do to your computer.

Don't ignore this one. You really need to write your congressman on this one. You email people everyday. Make just one to your congressman. If you don't want to type a long message, urge them to read this article. Better yet, encourage them to go to and try it out. When their computer gets infected, they may pay more attention.

Click here to find out who represents you in congress and how to email them.

The link to send them is, but don't go there unless you are willing to risk having a problem with your computer.

If you have winfixer on your computer and want to know how to remove it, there are some instructions here that can help you.

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