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Search for Registered Sex Offenders by State

Until the federal government creates a national sex offender registry, parents will find it difficult to find out information that can help them keep their children safe. I usually advocate states be allowed to make their own laws without much interference from the feds, however in this case, the feds need to step up to the plate.

Megan's Law was passed so that CHILD MOLESTERS AND ABDUCTORS would have to register and so parents could know if a child sex predator lived in their neighborhood.

But as usual, our elected crooks in washington dc decided to apply it to all sex offenders including those that got caught pissing outdoors or mooning the president of their college. Unfortunately Registered Sex Offender applies to not only child sex predators, but to rapists, and to those that have exposed themselves to someone else at one time or another.

Then, just to make it worse, some state politicians decided to extend Megan's Law to allow them to put people into the database for burglary, armed robbery, and other crimes. They liked Megan's Law so much, they decided to abuse it and water it down so no one can distinguish between the crimes committed by those in the database anymore.

We need a category that labels Child Molesters and Abducters as just what they are. We need to put them in an entirely different database than for sex offenders who commit crimes against adults. REGISTERED CHILD SEX PREDATORS have no rights in my opinion. They should have to drive cars with pink license plates and wear a damn sticker on their forehead that says "I Rape Children."

Since there is no national database yet and each state is different, I'll direct you to a portal where you can search for registered sex offenders by state. Make sure you read what crime they actually committed before passing judgement.

Click here to search for registered sex offenders in your state.

by Chris McElroy

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