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Louis Farrakhan the Racist

I have been searching for missing children of all colors since 1998. Our search team has helped find many missing children. I have addressed groups on this topic in several states. It's been a struggle most of the time to even keep our doors open and the phone bill paid.

Not one time through all of those years has Minister Louis Farrakhan EVER mentioned missing children. He has not helped to find any missing children. He has not donated money to help us find missing children. He has not used his big mouth to help raise awareness about missing children.

Yet, now, after hurricane katrina, he is speaking out. But he only has concern for the missing "black" children. I qoute him below;

"The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCME) says 63% of those missing children are African-American. Where are the nearly 2,000 children still missing after hurricanes Katrina and Rita? Why have their faces disappeared off the radar? Where is the president who in the aftermath debacle promised to ‘do whatever it takes to reunite separated families’? Where are those glaring post Katrina headlines and CNN cameras that rattled America’s collective conscience?

Those are the questions the Nation of Islam’s Minister Louis Farrakhan says the African-American community should be asking. “Can we stand by and allow it to be said, that thousands of our babies are missing and we will not rise up as a people, to demand to know where our children are?”

“Every unresolved case should haunt us and remind us of America’s original sin when children of slaves were snatched from their mother’s hips. We must stand up and demand answers.”

For Louis Farrakhan it's a black thing! For those of us who have been searching for missing children without consideration of what color those kids were, it's a much too important thing to allow this muslim racist leader to play politics with.

by Chris McElroy

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