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Senators Naming Structures After Themselves???

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By: dscjmc ยท Section: Diaries

Tomorrow, the House plans to consider the Agriculture Appropriations Conference Report. Contained in this legislation is a provision renaming a Federal facility in Mississippi after the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Thad Cochran. The provision renames the "Southern Horticultural Laboratory" as the "Thad Cochran Southern Horticultural Laboratory."

This amount of hubris is just sickening. Really, really sickening. AND, he is not the only culprit. Half of Alaska is named after Senator Ted Stevens, including the "Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport," which, by the way, is located on the island that required significant appropriations for the now infamous "Bridge to Nowhere."

Then, of course, there is Don Young Way, named after House Transportation Chairman Young of Alaska, which was approved by the House earlier this year in the Transportation appropriations bill.

Yet, it gets worse. The recent Labor and Health and Human Services Appropriations bill passed by the Senate, renamed the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as the Thomas Harkin Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and designated the National Library of Medicine building in Bethesda, Maryland, as the "Arlen Specter National Library of Medicine."

Not only is all of this just beyond the scope of rational thinking, it is actually prohibited by House rules. Rule XXI of the House Rules for the 109th Congress states:

"6. It shall not be in order to consider a bill, joint resolution, amendment, or conference report that provides for the designation or redesignation of a public work in honor of an individual then serving as a Member, Delegate, Resident Commissioner, or Senator." Click here for the Source

What a disgrace. If you can't wait until you die to have a building named after you, at least wait until you are no longer serving in Congress.

I couldn't agree more. The egos involved in this fiasco make me sick as well. Not enough for them to line their pockets at tax payer expense, they want to be honored by us for doing so and if we are unwilling to honor them, then by god they will do it themselves.

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