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Maury Povich Show - NCMEC - PatienTrak at it again

Here we go again. As long as it LOOKS good the ncmec will put it out in front of the public. It doesn't really have to work well. It doesn't really have to find children who are actually missing. All it has to do is have the APPEARANCE of working so the ncmec can LOOK like they are doing more than they are.

"Maury Show highlights Missing Children topic and Child ID Alert included with PatienTrak(tm) Digital Portable Health Record"

Sounds good right. Lets all celebrate. Once again the ncmec has solved all the problems associated with missing children. hooray! This is like the upteenth time they have endorsed some company's "for profit" project to get people to buy it in the belief that it will save their child's life if they are abducted or missing. This one is "only $29.95" and no more worries! hooray!

They go on to say this about missing children when talking about the upcoming povich show about missing children; "Statistics show approximately 730,000 children are reported missing or abducted every year and the number is growing."

They don't mention that in actuality there are about 10,000 cases per year where the child was in real danger. A high enough number for concern, but not high enough for the ncmec to tell people about and still get 32 million a year in funding.

"The value of adding child protection software to our portable health record offers parents greater protection for their children" said Robbin Hunter, PatienTrak President. "What if the child has medical problems and medicines that need to be taken, PatienTrak can provide this information in a crisis situation to law enforcement" offered Michael Wolff, PatienTrak, CEO. "We are glad to be a part of this effort".

Truth be told, I don't think patientrak was selling all that well before adding this and partnering with the ncmec and maury povich. It's $29.99. They will sell more now due to the fear that the ncmec creates in parents.

Kidsearch Network Website where child id kits are free!
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