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Internet Marketing Scams and Schemes

Now this really pisses me off! So many people trying to make a buck on the Internet, some trying to do it legitimately, some trying to scam everyone, and others that are just plain stupid.

Let start with the first category, the ones who want to make a buck legitimately. This is a good thing. However, you need to know certain things.

We don't like popups!

Ads that flash on and off constantly are nauseating!

We do not want ads to talk to us. This is not an improvement.

Forcing us to watch commercials before seeing your content is following the same business plan that drove us from tv to the Internet in the first place. Copying a failing business plan is probably not a great idea.

Now let's talk about the scammers. These are the people who will work harder to make an illegal buck than they would have to making a legitimate buck. Therefore they also belong in the stupid category.

The Nigerian/Africa I'm a relative of a deposed dictator, we want you to receive millions into your bank account scam. Anyone who doesn't already know this is a scam and answers these mailers deserves to be taken for every dime they have because they are too stupid to have money in the first place. As to the ones sending it out; Get an original idea will you? At least make it interesting.

Phishing At least these guys weren't as stupid as most scammers, but everyone who is on the Internet should learn what they need to know to be safe. Look up how to protect your privacy or Internet Safety into google and do a little reading will you? If you do you will not be trapped by these con artists. Then we won't have to listen to your whining about being scammed because you were too lazy to read.

Spammers Ok, I understand some guy in a 3rd world country sending out millions of emails to make $40 a day because in his country that might be a fortune, however the guys here that send a million emails a day, work to cover their tracks, set up systems to track what they are sending and who is responding, and takes the risk of being arrested to make that same $40 a day is just ridiculous. Maybe some make more than that, but for all of that work they could run legitimate websites and make more money.

A note for those that complain about spammers You see it everywhere, people blogging, writing into forums, congress getting into the act, all wanting to stop SPAM. The worst part is most of the complainers don't even know why we need to get rid of spam. They think it's because they get a lot of it in their inbox. Wrong answer. Junk mail is worse because it goes in my trash can and then I have to take out the trash and all those trees they wasted on sending me snailmail spam. With email spam, you hit delete. Wow, what an inconvenience. Get over it. The reason spam is a problem is the fact they send out millions of emails creating more traffic on the entire web, slowing down normal traffic. That is the real threat that spam poses, not whether you get too many unwanted emails.

Now let's get to the last group, the stupid people marketing on the web. First of all, if you built one or two websites in your entire life, quit giving advice. Stop it right now. You know nothing. Realize it. Live with it. Try to learn more. But do not give advice please. There is already enough bad advice floating around and that is probably even worse than the spam problem.

I repeat the above statement; We do not like popups. That means giving us several popups because you knew we wouldn't buy anything from the first popup is not better than giving me one popup. You would not be building 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 50th popups if you thought the first one would make sales. Giving us popunders, exit consoles, and other creative codes you found on some other idiots website and copied doesn't work either. This especially goes for those popups you are real proud of, the ones where the X to close them is off screen so we have to drag it over so we can close it. That makes us love you even more. We are so impressed by this creativity we'll certainly buy from you now. IDIOT!

No right click What idiot thinks by disabling the right click somehow does some good? It's just annoying. If I wanted to steal your content, it's called, VIEW SOURCE. If you didn't disable that, why disable the right click? What a waste of time. There are a lot of legitimate uses for a right click on a webpage that have nothing to do with stealing your content like neo-trace to find out more about the owner of the website, blocking that means you don't want me to know about you so I assume I shouldn't buy from you because why are you hiding? Another is, not everyone uses the back button. some right click and choose back. Disabling it annoys me and again I'm not buying from people who annoy me.

Ads that race around the screen blocking the content on the website you built. Again, this bit of creativity you would call it is moronic, childish, and just bad marketing. Again IF IT ANNOYS US WE DO NOT WANT TO BUY FROM YOU! If you are so bored that you have to search the web for creative code you can steal to use in your website, then get a hobby . . . other than building websites that suck. If you are so desperate because nothing you are doing is making money that you will use these stupid tactics, then try to learn more from legitimate webmasters who are making money without all this BS. Learn something. What a concept.

Disabling the back button This is one of my favorites. I find your website in the search engine. I might say wow, great website. Bookmark it to return later, then hit the back button to go back to what I was doing. What happens? It just refreshes the page and won't go back to the website I was at before. OMG! I'm trapped! I'll have to buy something now! You built that code into the website believing that would make someone buy something? Are you a complete moron? Of course you are.

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