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Cronies, Phonies, and Closet Patriots

When will everyone get to the point where they admit gw bush does not care about putting qualified people in important positions? When will they admit that he only cares about promoting the people who helped him get selected? (not a typo).

You have indictments against the leader of the house, investigations into insider trading by another leading republicrook, you have a top appointee to fema that can't even get taking care of horses right, you have a vp that openly gives no-bid contracts to his former employer, an ambassador to the UN appointed by bush who helped him circumvent the law by excusing the US from the geneva convention, you have an appointee of Bush's to the SEC that believes corporations are too regulated which flys in the face of all the recent disclosures about corporations cheating investors and ripping off people's pensions, an appointee to the supreme court with no experience except being gw's personal attorney, and now he tries to appoint flanigan, who also helped him get around the geneva convention AND has ties to tyco, who had executives ripping off investors, and ties to the lobbyist under investigation, abramoff. Now flanigan withdrew from the nomination, so all is good there I guess. Gw will have another crony ready to take his place.

Are you bush supporters going to tell me all of that is a leftist plot to make george bush look bad? He looks bad on his own. He needs no help whatsoever to look bad. I think the republibloggers and other supporters of bush know and realize you were wrong about bush, but to keep from looking like you might be flip-flopping on something, you will continue to spin the news to defend him even at the expense of the citizens of this country. Is your fear of being thought to be wrong so great? Is it greater than your love for this country?

You're all closet patriots! Come out of the closet! Call your parents, tell them how you feel. Fess up. Get it over with. Bush wasn't the guy you thought he was. You were wrong. Admit it. You'll feel so much better.

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