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Create a threat, then sell the solution!

This is exactly what I meant in my last article. Comparing the marketing plan of software companies that are supposed to protect our computers to the marketing plan of GW Bush's Homeland Security Department that is supposed to be protecting our country.

First PSP Virus ... Sort Of
Hot off the wires from Symantec PR comes a notice about the first virus discovered for Sony's PlayStation Portable. "Trojan.PSPBrick," Symantec says, is a low-level threat (only 1 on its 1-to-5 scale) that has not been confirmed to have infected any of these handheld video-game machines. Kind of like an orange alert, or is it a purple alert? Can't seem to remember that color code.

Symantec's announcement also notes that, by default, PSPs can't even play any software beyond Sony-authorized releases -- that is, you'd have to hack your PSP to allow this trojan to get on board. Naturally, PSPBrick apparently presents itself as a PSP-hacking tool that will let users/victims play other games. Instead, it "deletes system files and renders the machine inoperable." I deny the rumor that this virus is connected to Al Queda in any way!

(History may offer a relevant parallel here: Back in 2000, Symantec noted the emergence of the first virus for Palm OS handhelds, then began selling an antivirus utility for handhelds. Imagine that. A virus is discovered by the company, then they offer the solution. Kind of like Homeland Security for your PlayStation.

Since then, according to Symantec's virus library, a total of four Palm viruses have ever emerged, and none since 2001.) Since 2001? No attacks/viruses since then. Makes you want to go . . . Hmmm

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