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Boy George Who? Arrested? Drugs?

And we care . . . why? What is it about the media, well what is it about people who read this kind of news? This is important? Boy George? Important?

It's the same people who went to the Michael Jackson trial saying he was innocent simply because he's a star and they like him.

Had he been convicted they still wouldn't have cared about the children he molested. They would have said he was framed and never would have believed him guilty.

Why do people worship celebrities like they are special or something? They aren't. Most of them are way more screwed up than the homeless guys you see on the street talking to themselves. The only thing worse than these celebs is the fans that worship them.

If boy george wasn't a star once upon a time way back when, he'd probably be the guy trying to wash your windshield at a red light. But as it is, today he is taking up space in newspapers because he uses drugs. Well, there is Rush Limbaugh to compare him to and he gets lots of radio time. Hmmm. Do drugs, molest children, get indicted, be famous. Good message to send to our children.


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