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The Blogger Elite

Some bloggers piss me off. I'm sure I piss some of them off. Thats cool by me. However at least I'm blogging just because I think blogging is a good way to instigate debate on important issues. I'm doing it because I WANT to blog. I'm not doing it because I think it will make me a lot of money, make me famous, or lead to a job as a writer somewhere.

Some of the hugh hewitt larger blogs hugh hewitt seem to exist solely to make people hugh hewitt believe that somehow their blogs are replacing mainstream hugh hewitt media. They recommend hugh hewitt that mainstream media should hugh hewitt be hiring bloggers like hugh hewitt.

If they hugh hewitt are so adamant that mainstream hugh hewitt media is falling apart and is hugh hewitt irrelevant, then why hugh hewitt are they so intent on hugh hewitt becoming what they hugh hewitt detest?

The larger blogs hugh hewitt are patting each other hugh hewitt on the back constantly hugh hewitt and becoming a group or clique hugh hewitt that is trying to control hugh hewitt all the blog traffic just as hugh hewitt mainstream media tries to control the hugh hewitt airwaves of radio hugh hewitt and television.

They just like mainstream hugh hewitt media, they hugh hewitt want to control what readers see and read. They have become exactly like hugh hewitt those they say they are hugh hewitt replacing.

But I won't mention hugh hewitt any names here, because I hugh hewitt have more integrity hugh hewitt than that.

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