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Taylor Biel and

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Photographer Ben Fawley A Suspect Again in Taylor Behl case

I do not think many people gave it much credence when police and authorities originally claimed that Ben Fawley was not a “person of interest” in the Taylor Marie Behl disappearance. Police state that clues that lead to the discovery of Taylor Behl’s body came from pictures that were on Ben Fawley’s web site.

Police found the body of Virginia Commonwealth University freshman Taylor Marie Behl, 17, after examining photographs on the Web site of an amateur photographer who was one of the last people to see Behl alive.

“I don’t think that I would be too far off base to say that he is a suspect in this case,” Richmond police chief Rodney Monroe said Friday on CBS News’ The Early Show. However, Ben Fawley has still not been charged in the Behl case but is being held on other non-related charges.

Photo led police to student’s body

Police found the critical photo that led them to Behl’s remains on one of Fawley’s Web sites, where he had posted a gallery of his digital snapshots.

Internet Central In Behl Case

The Early Show correspondent Tracy Smith reports that the two met through Web sites where people post photos and messages. Taylor shared intimate details of her life on these sites, Smith reports. “There seems to be a lot of information on here that someone who didn’t know her would have a pretty good idea who she is and what she’s all about,” one computer expert told Smith.

While the Internet can put young people like Behl at risk, Smith reports, experts also say it can provide clues when they go missing. “It really can offer nearly a complete profile of the individual,” one expert told Smith. “Who they spoke to, when and where they expect to go, where they’ve been in their past.” On Taylor’s Web site, there are numerous messages from Fawley, who took and posted pictures of Taylor on the Internet.

That website they mentioned is! Teenagers there are posting that there age is 20-24 years old, they are posting pictures there, information about themselves, where they go to school, where they live, etc. etc. If a pedophile wants to abduct one of them, he can get all the info he needs, then go to where the child lives or hangs out according to the information they post there, and even start talking to them by name to put them off guard long enough to lure them somewhere or get close enough to snatch them.

It is a virtual shopping mall for sexual predators. If your children or teenagers post at I suggest you immediately take measures to prevent them from doing so. Go to and search for your teenager to see if they have a profile on there now, then take precautions. Some people will say I am being an alarmist, however, I ask them, how many Taylor Biels have to happen before you agree with me? It's just like red lights at dangerous intersections, you can never get the authorities to put lights there until people are killed.

Chris McElroy
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