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Ahmad Chalabi is Iraqemon!

When Bush and Cheney needed to produce reasons for going into the Iraq war, they found themselves a hero! Iraqemon! Ahmad Chalabi!

Chalabi is Iraqemon!

Now Chalabi hated hussein just as much as Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld did. So he provided them lots of "eyewitness" accounts by other Iraqis who also hated saddam. He gave them all sorts of ways to deceive the american public about Iraq, so they could get the bad guy they all loved to hate.

While Chalabi was doing this he was also giving the Iranians, other enemies of saddam hussein, secrets about the USA and of course also getting information in return to give to bush and cheney about ol saddam.

In the meantime, Iran was having secret talks with the villian osama bin laden, who used to be our friend when he was performing terrorism against the russians, but now is the arch-villian in our story. Now bin laden also hated saddam because saddam wouldn't make Iraqi women wear veils and such and also because he wouldn't let bin laden set up some of his survival camps where he teaches muslims things like positive thinking, self-assertiveness, and of course 10 ways to blow yourself up.

Now, get the picture here. Bush and Cheney hated Saddam. Bush and Cheney have bigger guns than anyone else. Osama Bin Laden hated Saddam. The Iranians hated Saddam. Chalabi hated Saddam. With me so far boys and girls?

Osama was having talks with the Iranians at the same time Chalabi was talking to the Iranians at the same time Chalabi was talking to Bush and Cheney and giving them information about why they should use their big guns to kill saddam. Was that too fast for anyone?

Cheney, Rumsfeldt, and Wolfowitz all were members of an organization in the 90s. They wrote letters to Clinton urging him to attack Saddam then. Then Bush gets elected, puts all these members of this organization in his administration. Then 911 happens. They all suddenly say Iraq is behind it and ONLY AFTER 911 we thought of attacking Iraq. The letters say different.

Make up your own mind. In the meantime, Iraqimon Chalabi is coming to the US for a state visit since he is now a bigshot in Iraq with his enemy Saddam out of the picture. Iran not only got rid of their biggest threat, but are now influencing elections and causing havoc in Iraq, which they hope to control. And Osama is having latte at a starbucks somewhere laughing.

By Chris McElroy

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