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Redistricting Proposal to go to 3 Judge panel

The Governator, Arnol Swartzeneggar takes action to curb redistricting abuses. He is proposing that redistricting be done by a three judge panel, instead of the politicians who frequently use the process to favor incumbents, so they can ensure re-election. You probably remember the democrats from Texas going to New Mexico to avoid voting on the redistricting being done by republican incumbents there.

With a three judge panel handling the redictricting, it would serve the purpose it was intended to. I will explain this here;

A "Voting District" is supposed to be based largely on geography and population. Unfortunately redistricting has been being decided by voter registration. Using computer programs, they break down where the republicans and democrats live, then draw the lines so that they give up one district to the opposing party, but gain two districts heavily in their favor.

These districts look weird on a map because they carefully draw the lines based on registrations. Then with each district the majority is weighed heavily repub or dem. Then the party that controls each district gives a bunch of money to their designated candidate who uses that money to beat anyone else who might run for office. This way the party is assured that their chosen ones get into and remain in office.

It's basically mathmatically impossible for the party designated hero to lose. This apparatus captures the office in question because people vote the party line. When you proclaim you are a dem or repub and vote accordingly, it is loyalty in your mind, but what it does is allow special interests to use redistricting as a tool to control elections. Your declaration of loyalty is admirable. The problem is that these people want to control all elections and thereby control your life.

The 3 judge panel idea is a good one. It's called proposition 77 in California. Support it. But until they have this in your state, quit registering to vote as one party or the other. Change your registration to say you don't want to disclose your party affiliation. You can still vote all repub or all dem if you so choose. You can tell people which party you prefer. However taking it off the registration card stops people from using redistricting as a way to control elections.

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