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NCMEC to get award? Are you kidding me?

Now this really pisses me off!

Press Release from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Today, the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children announced it has been named a first runner-up in the Non-Profit category of the 2005 Cisco Growing with Technology Awards, an event designed to recognize

small- to medium-sized organizations

that demonstrate how networking technology solutions can effectively address business challenges. To learn more please click on the link below or visit Thank you.

Are you joking? Small to Medium size organizations? The NCMEC recieves 25-30 million per year from the US Dept. of Justice plus millions more from corporations. They are one of the largest charities in the US. Cisco even considering them for a reward that is supposed to be for small to medium sized organizations is a slap in the face to organizations that have to struggle for their funding and still do a better job of finding missing children than the NCMEC. It makes a travesty of the award itself. But since the NCMEC regularly intercepts ideas and funding that would otherwise be destined for smaller charities, it doesn't surpise me.

More things that just piss me off


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Yes, that sucks that they manipulate whereever and whenever they can just in order to make themselves look good or win an award.

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